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Pro players are rightfully angry about the Fortnite WC XXiF cheating ruling



Epic Games recently released a post about the Week 3 cheating that occurred during the Fortnite World Cup. Professional players are angry that Rise XXiF is essentially getting away with it in the end.

What happens when you break a rule or a law? You get punished accordingly dependent on the severity of the crime or violation. Logical and it is the basic system by which modern society tries to limit bad behavior.

Epic Games understands the punishment part, but completely missed the mark on the severity of XXiF’s offense. Instead of being handed a strong banhammer, the player got away with only a 14 day suspension.

XXiF gets 14 day ban and Pros are not happy

Epic posted a blog update for the community regarding the Week 3 cheating. Here’s their statement in full for context:

‘Based on an internal investigation, we have concluded that a group of players attempted to undermine the Week 3 Fortnite World Cup Online Open competition on April 28 by colluding across several matches.

All players involved will receive a 14 day competitive ban and will be ineligible for any Week 3 prizes. This group also included a player whose score would have qualified them for the Fortnite World Cup finals in New York. Consequently, in addition to the competitive ban and loss of prizing, this player will also forfeit their Fortnite World Cup Finals qualification spot. As a result, the qualification spot will be granted to the next highest ranking player on the Week 3 Finals leaderboard for the NA-E region who has yet to qualify for Solos.’

Imagine working your butt off to reach the very pinnacle of competitive Fortnite and then seeing a cheater fly into the World Cup. That’s bad enough, but what if that player was then given a little slap on the wrist for their actions?

‘All actions must have equal and opposite reactions’ unfortunately does not seem to apply to Fortnite cheating. In other esports and sports, we would not be talking about days or weeks…we’d be talking about years.

Many professional Fortnite players have already taken to Twitter to voice their concerns over this ban. Many are afraid that XXiF will learn from his mistakes in all the wrong ways and attempt to cheat again.

Luminosity’s SypherPK was among the first with comments on the matter:

Of course it’s better than nothing, but as SypherPK says, any other game would have permanently banned XXiF for the blatant cheating. He continued to tweet about the issue.

Sypher makes another good point about the fact that XXiF might try to cheat again. If you are the type of person that thinks it is OK to cheat once, you won’t hesitate to cheat again. While the consequences could harsher next time around, Epic has shown their hand in a big way.

As a last, semi-sarcastic note, Sypher posted a potential future Fortnite stream commentator comment:

Other professional Fortnite players also jumped into the discussion. Among them was FaZe Clan’s Cloakzy. He kept it short and to the point, letting the absurdity of the situation speak for itself.

Another FaZe member, Jaomock, echoed his teammate’s sentiment. The amounts of money we are talking about here should warrant a much heftier response from Epic.

Dakotaz also wanted to weigh in a little and tweeted out an image of XXiF’s victory tweet. Imagine being proud of cheating…

While Epic has recently shown that they are immovable once they make a decisions (Stretched resolution, siphoning, FOV, etc.), there may be one more hope for justice.

Rise Nation is the organization that currently employs XXiF. The only way to get some real closure for this cheating scandal would be for Rise Nation to kick the player from their roster. The evidence is clear and isn’t refuted by any major players.

Update: Rise Nation has now released XXiF from their Fortnite roster and informed the community via Twitter.

Epic Games made a serious mistake in allowing XXiF to remain in the Fortnite scene. A 14 day ban is so short that he will barely notice it all. He will simply wait it out and try again in 2 weeks.

Maybe the professional and us are wrong about him. Maybe he will be ‘reformed’ and never cheat again. All the same, this might encourage other would-be cheaters to try their luck as the punishments aren’t severe.

Think about in terms of soccer. If a player got caught conspiring with opposing team to help them win the game, would they be suspended for 14 days? No, they would immediately removed from the team and never get to spot on a team again.

What do you think? Is 14 days enough for cheating in a $30 million dollar tourney or should XXiF have been punished with a harsher sentence?


Clix signs with NRG Fortnite

NRG Signs Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod to their Fortnite roster.



This past week, speculation has been swirling about where one of the hottest names in Fortnite will land. Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod has been teasing an organization announcement for the better part of the last fortnight (pun intended). He even trolled everyone with a “Joined FaZe Clan” tweet that fooled some members of the community.

On July 1, NRG announced that Clix would be the newest member of their Fortnite roster. The 15-year-old pro has already racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Fortnite, qualifying for the World Cup a whopping five times.

This signing comes after the high-profile acquisition of fellow Fortnite pro, UnknownxArmy. NRG is clearly dedicated to the future of competitive Fortnite, with one of the most talented rosters in the game. Clix joins the likes of Zayt, Edgey, Unknown, EpicWhale, and BenjyFishy on the official NRG Fortnite roster.

The future is bright for this young pro, both in Fortnite and in gaming. NRG sured-up an already stacked Fortnite roster and looks to solidify their position at the top of Fortnite esports. Clix is completing a 24-hour stream for his organization announcement, which you can watch here.

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Patch Notes

Epic reduce Choppa spawn rates in competitive Fortnite

Epic are responding to one of the biggest problem in competitive Fortnite: helicopters.



Epic seem to be taking the competitive Fortnite scene a lot more seriously in Fortnite Chapter 2. Chapter 1 was plagued with meddlesome items and vehicles like the Junk Rift, BRUTE, Baller, and X-4 Stormwing. In Chapter 2, they simplified the loot pool, added an “evaluation period” to new items, and made adjustments where they needed to.

Helicopters were left out of competitive modes in Fortnite Season 2. A lot of players wondered why that was – it seemed like a balanced vehicle. Well, in Chapter 2 Season 3, we saw the problem that Epic were avoiding.

Pro scrimmages and high-level Arena matches were immediately dominated by helicopters. You’d see four or more Choppas in the sky as the zones closed, all ignoring one another in pursuit of higher placements. It seemed like we were entering Baller and plane territory with the Choppa.

On June 26, Epic released a hotfix to Fortnite that reduced the spawn rate of helicopters in competitive modes. This might not eliminate the problem, but it will lower the frequency of the issue.

The one question that we have is: are these helicopter spawn locations static or did Epic nerf the spawn rate, only. If the latter is true, then players will have to roll the dice with their drop spot. The Authority may or may not have a helicopter, for instance.

While this hotfix might be a bandaid on a bigger issue, it shows that Epic are listening to their competitive community and taking action when they need to. It’s a far cry from Season X where they left the BRUTE in competitive modes, unchecked, for weeks.

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Epic Games respond to claims that they failed to pay Fortnite pros

Epic Games has contacted us with an official response to claims that they failed to pay some Fortnite pro players.



Yesterday, we covered a story about pro players and content creators calling out Epic Games for failing to pay them their tournament winnings and Support-A-Creator earnings. You can take a look at the original story here.

On June 25, Epic Games reached out to us with a statement on the issue, clarifying why some of the prize money and Creator Code earnings have been held up. Below is the official statement from Epic Games on the matter.

Via: Epic Games

Epic Games’ official response to FortniteINTEL

“Recently, we experienced delays to Competitive prizes due to two separate issues. The first issue was related to our DreamHack Anaheim event. Here, we encountered delays due to additional California state tax withholding that required manual processing of payments outside of our Hyperwallet payment system. All prizes for DreamHack Anaheim have been sent directly to player bank accounts. These prizes should be deposited in the respective winners accounts in the next few days. We apologize for the delay.

The second issue was related to overpayments for some prize winners of online cups due to a clerical error and required manual correction. Now that we have sorted out the overpayment issues, we are back on track to process prizes in a more timely manner.

Regarding Support-A-Creator payouts, there are two issues at play. The first relates to us running into obstacles as we transition to a new payment system, including bugs and delays. We appreciate Creators who have been patient as we make this transition and resolve those issues. Creators who are encountering issues should watch our Hyperwallet Account Activation tutorial or reach out to Support-A-Creator Player Support for assistance.

The second issue involves creators who have violated the terms of the Support-A-Creator program by scamming or defrauding players. Typically these individuals create social media material that falsely promises special benefits to players relating to a specific Support-A-Creator code. The players use the code but never receive the special benefits they were promised. When these accounts are detected or reported, we remove these creators from the program and do not pay out their fraudulent accounts. We take these violations seriously, and are looking at additional measures to prevent bad actors from abusing the program, up to and including potential legal action.”

There should be a more detailed blog post from Epic Games on the topic within the hour, giving more information on all of these issues. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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