This simple change could make planes a whole lot easier to deal with in Fortnite.

Planes have been a controversial subject in Fortnite ever since they were introduced.

While they can fun if you are the one piloting them, they are a whole different beast if you’re forced to defend against one.

A plane is much easier to deal with if you’re with a squad of players but running into a plane while solo is pretty much a death sentence.

Fortnite pro player Vivid has a simple suggestion that could really help balance out planes.

He suggests Epic Games could change the total hitpoints of a plane based on the playlist.

It would have lower health in solos but higher in squads. He argues this would be good because having multiple planes in the sky in solos isn’t okay.

Nerfing the health of planes would be the first step in a long road to finally balancing them.

There will be a vocal number of players who will always be asking Epic Games to remove the planes but it doesn’t seem like that’ll be in the cards any time soon.

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