Epic Games released an ill-fated blog update on Friday featuring explanations for siphoning changes, competitive updates, and more. Pros aren’t happy with the post and expressed their anger on Twitter.

Competitive Fortnite can’t be described as a proper esport yet due to a variety of factors. Lack of consistent events, lack of practice grounds, and an evolving game that present players with little concrete practice for upcoming events (World Cup is being played over the course of three seasons).

Epic Games has tried to solve these issues by throwing money at the problem ($30 million dollars worth of money), but pro players will not sit quietly by as their career is steered wildly around in circles.

Pro Players want their voices heard

Epic Games has been fairly silent about ongoing problems facing competitive Fortnite. Most of these problems have been directly caused by the studio’s adamant stances on keeping up with a rapid update schedule.

Not only does the update schedule of Fortnite hurt the competitive scene, but it has also been reported that Epic Games is mistreating their employees to deliver content.

In response to Epic’s latest update blog post, pro players have erupted in anger and morbid amusement. Epic’s lack of caring for its most passionate players might soon bite back.

Several pros simply tweeted out GIFs as their response as they were so lost for words.

These sum up the feelings we have about the bizarre Epic post exactly. Anger, but with a healthy dose of resigned confusion and defeat.

Liquid’s Chap put the feeling into words when he took to his Twitter. The tweets are fiery, but they speak to a truth that Epic should consider listening too. Even games with massive communities can come crashing down…

While we don’t agree that Fortnite is at the verge of ‘dying’ (a dumb concept of gaming culture to begin with), the premise of Chap’s argument rings true. Epic should listen to its most influential and best players above the wishes of the bottom 10% of players.

Additionally, Epic’s 90% number for people who don’t like the siphoning simply sounds ludicrous. The data is cherry-picked to support Epic’s decision and uses a metric that doesn’t actually tell anything about the quality of gameplay.

Ghost Gaming’s Dmo went ahead and copy-pasted Epic’s own passage from the blog about FOVs. Epic tried to justify the low FOV of 80 as a way to mitigate motion sickness…when players of all skills are reporting motion sickness specifically due to the low FOV.

Overall, as you can see, the reactions aren’t good. Epic Games completely dodged and evaded every hard question throughout the post. If they expected people to be content with the blog, they just aren’t getting it.

Maybe there is a minority of players that simply don’t care about competitive nor the welfare of the gameplay at large…but most players do care.

Most players do want those with motion sickness to have an option of higher FOVs. Most players want competitive Fortnite to thrive whether they play it or not. Most players want siphoning to return because it led to better fights and rewarded the better player.

Tell us your opinions on the blog post in the comments below.

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