Every gamer has experienced a bit of “gamer rage”, and Team Secret’s Mongraal was a victim of it as he slammed his keyboard live on stream.

Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson was the youngest player to ever be recruited by a professional organization, as Team Secret signed the 13-year-old Fortnite player.

Mongraal has been growing at an incredible pace on Twitch, as he has gained over 400,000 new followers since December 2018.

The young star was participating in Fortnite’s Architect Pop-Up Cup competitive playlist when he was eliminated in Retail Row before he could find a weapon.

Mongraal screamed “Fuck off!” before staring at his screen in disbelief and slamming his keyboard down on his desk in rage.

Some of the keycaps flew out of their slot as some people in his Discord call began to nervously laugh.

Mongraal walked back to his set-up and tried to put the keycaps back in their place, but he was extremely frustrated at the situation and threw his headset in anger.

After Mongraal calmed down, he tried to fix his set-up while preparing to eat a plate of pasta that was prepared for him.

Unfortunately, his bad luck ran on, and Mongraal sat unexpectedly on his delicious pasta plate.

It definitely wasn’t a great night of streaming for Team Secret’s 13-year-old player, but the clips have generated a good amount of laughs for Mongraal to enjoy.

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