As Season 9 begins to draw to a close, the Giant Robot vs. Cattus Monster fight event creeps ever closer. A new upgrade to the mech at Pressure Plant put us one step nearer to completion.

We love Epic Games’ creativity and their willingness to experiment with new ideas that haven’t seen much screen-time in the industry. Global real-time events are among their most ambitious Fortnite undertakings.

Like the Unvaulting event in Season 8, the Mech vs. Monster fight event will arrive sometime in the next few weeks as Season 9 winds down. Similar to a change a few days ago, the Mech as received another big update to its body.

Left Bicep added to Pressure Plant Robot

The Mech being built at Pressure Plant will come face to face with the missing Cattus monster in time. For now, the giant robot isn’t quite ready for combat. As the days pass and Season 10 approaches, Epic is slowly added pieces to its chassis.

The legs and torso were added sequentially in the past week and now the left bicep has arrived.

Left bicap added to Pressure Plant bot

If the schedule of two day updates to the mech hold up, we could see the bot finished some time in the next 8 to 10 days. Of course, Epic might change up the spacing between upgrades or add the entirety of the right arm on a single day. We can’t know as of yet, but we’re anxious to find out what how the robot will preform once functional.

Epic Games showed they are can run global events where player actions are recorded in real-time with the Unvaulting event. We could see some advanced player input with the Mech vs. Monster event. Maybe we’ll even be able to choose sides? Which would fight for, Mech or Monster?

We’ve also gone ahead and taken a little video of the update bot at the Pressure Plant. The left bicep isn’t huge when compared to the rest of the mech, but it still towers above any player’s height and most buildings in Fortnite pale in comparison as well.

What about the Fortnite Cattus Monster?

That’ll keep you up at night…

While the mech has been our crosshairs recently, the first half of Season was dominated by the Cattus monster. Cattus is the codename given to the creature within Epic’s own game files and has stuck with us ever since.

The creature was first seen inside of the Polar Peak mountain, encased in thick ice. Its eye stared at players who passed by to gaze at it in wonder.

The Cattus then escaped from its prison and destroyed Polar Peak’s main tower. Players spotted the creature swimming around the Fortnite island shortly afterwards.

What happened to my house! It’s those meddling kids again!

We’ve also seen the creature do damage to Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park as it made its way into the ocean. The creature has never been seen as these movements were technically happening during downtime. We have a feeling we haven’t quite seen the monster’s full capabilities just yet.

Who knows how powerful and how massive the Cattus truly is. Maybe the mech at Pressure Plant won’t be able to defeat the demon and it’ll destroy large parts of the Fortnite map. Such a scenario would a clever way for Epic to revamp the island similar WoW’s old Cataclysm update and the infamous Deathwing.