Fortnite are teasing the return of the long-anticipated Power Chord skin, and with an emoji of lightning, an electric guitar and a thinking face.

Or are they just trolling the entire community and teasing the release of the upcoming Garage Band set, which includes the Synth Star and Stage Slayer outfits.

Or, Power Chord and the Garage Band set may release together tonight!

Synth Star and Stage Slayer are both of Epic rarity, but it would be cool to see Power Chord make a return.

Power Chord is a long-wanted skin with pink spiky hair and an electric guitar back bling.

Players have been begging Epic Games to re-release the skin for ages, mostly because it was only in the Item Shop for a short period of time and not many players actually bought it.

Other skins in as high demand as Power Chord include Skull Trooper, Ghoul Trooper, the Galaxy skin and more. Currently, none of these skins can be obtained through the Item Shop.

This might all change tonight, however, if Power Chord is really to make a return and Epic Games aren’t just messing with the fans.

One hint is that one of the emojis is lightning, which could refer to “Power” and the guitar referring to her back bling. We’ll have to see when the Item Shop updates tonight at 12am UTC.

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