‘Solid Gold’ was released yesterday and is the first of many upcoming Limited Time Modes that we should be seeing soon in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Upon Patch v.3.0.0, many new unreleased LTMs were found in the game files:

Some of these have already been featured, Sneaky Silencers and Sniper Shootout for example, but there are also a lot of new things we haven’t yet seen. Here are some of our thoughts surrounding the upcoming modes based on their names:

Note: None of this information is officially confirmed and the Limited Time Modes may not actually be introduced.

5×20 – This one is pretty self explanatory, 5 teams of 20 battling it out in a normal match. Epic stated that they wanted to create a mode with “Team sizes in between 50v50 and squads” in their State of Development v4, that’s what this is.

Blitz – “Shorter matches!” is all that has been said about this one so far. Perhaps a mix of faster rings and a smaller map?

Faster Rings – This will likely just feature a shorter delay between each circle shrinking without any other changes to gameplay.

High Jump – The ability to jump higher could make for some interesting battles, we’d expect fall damage to be either disabled or less punishing in this mode.

Lots A Loot – We shouldn’t expect any drastic changes such as more chests on the map, but it’s entirely possible that floor loot could spawn more frequently and chests/supply drops could drop multiple weapons.

Low Grav – Very fitting for Season 3’s space theme! A version of Battle Royale with less force pulling you down, sky towers could be very effective if fall damage isn’t something to worry about.

Playground – Perhaps a mode with either unlimited building materials or a multiplier when harvesting. Either way, lots of building.

Shotguns – Pump Shotguns & Tactical Shotguns, close quarter combat.

Sky Supply Loot obtainable exclusively through supply drops, or maybe just a higher frequency of them.

Steady Storm – No time between circles, the storm is constantly moving in at a steady pace. Looting would have to be quick and battles would take place on the move.

Take To The Skies – Increased frequency of Launch Pad drops or a mode where everyone has access to the upcoming Jetpack item.

Use It – A ‘gun game’ type mode where you’re limited to a certain weapon for either a period of time or until you get a kill.

We’re also still eagerly awaiting the confirmed 50v50 v2 mode:

  • Split to start
  • Converge on Battle
  • Bus for each team
  • See all your squadmates on the map
  • More supply drops

Any other thoughts on what these modes could be? We’d love to hear them.