Some PC users have reported a slight ‘delay’ while attempting to edit structures while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Especially during high-intensity gameplay, the ability to quickly edit structures and builds is crucial to match-up against skilled opponents.

However, networking and tick rate problems can often come into play for both PC and console players, which can lead to a slight delay when trying to edit.

The delay will not typically happen each time a player decides to make an edit, but will sometimes occur every four or five times one is attempted.

Beaks, a Fortnite YouTuber and streamer, has discovered a potential solution to the edit lag issue which ‘tricks’ the Epic Games launcher into thinking the game is being played on LAN.

According to Beaks, using the ‘LANPLAY’ command will “tell the engine not to cap client bandwidth when connecting to servers. Causes double the amount of server updates and can saturate the client’s bandwidth” on the Epic Games launcher.

A full rundown of the method can be viewed below.

It should be noted that this process is not a fool-proof way to eliminate edit lag while playing Fortnite on PC. Beaks mentions that there is no way to prove using LANPLAY works and that you may still experience a delay.

If you start to experience more Ping and latency while using LANPLAY, Beaks recommends that the command should be disabled.

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