Red balloons have been popping up around Pleasant Park hinting at a crossover event between Fortnite Battle Royale and IT Chapter Two. Here’s what might be included in the limited-time crossover event.

Epic Games have been able to provide a number of crossover events with different television shows, movies, and video games like Stranger Things, Marvel’s Avengers, and Borderlands.

On September 4, players began noticing that red balloons from the movie IT began appearing around Pleasant Park. When the balloons are popped, laughter from Pennywise the Clown can be heard.

With IT Chapter 2 releasing on September 6, it’s possible that a LTM or event could take place of the current crossover for Gearbox’s Borderlands 3, that turned part of the desert biome into Pandora.

Here’s what might be included in the rumored IT Chapter 2 crossover into Fortnite Battle Royale.

Pennywise LTM

In the IT universe, whenever a red balloon appears, it means that the evil clown is near.

IMG: Warner Bros.

There have been previous LTMs, like Score Royale, where players have had to run around the map to eliminate enemies and collect coins from their fallen loot. It’s possible Epic might create a mode where players will have to eliminate enemies who have red balloons attached to their Back Bling.

Maybe the LTM will make it a 50 v 50 mode with one team wearing Pennywise skins?

IT Chapter 2 cosmetics

Fortnite crossovers typically include cosmetics that can be purchased through the Item Shop, digital store, or earned by completing event-specific challenges.

With the most recent crossover, players were able to earn Borderland-themed sprays and cosmetic items by completing missions within the Welcome to Pandora mission set.

If IT Chapter 2 will be briefly entering the Battle Royale mode, then we would love to see cosmetics designed after characters from the movie.

We think a Pennywise skin would be one of the coolest skins to ever enter the game due to the evil clown’s creepy white skin and red lipstick.

There’s already a skin concept floating around Twitter showing off a potential Pennywise Fortnite cosmetic set. Here’s an example by ApolloL2s.

Crossover events in Fortnite allow Epic to introduce new gameplay mechanics and LTMs into the game’s rotation and gauge what the community enjoys. We think having Pennywise appearing in Fortnite would be a great way to introduce us to the Halloween season.

Do you think an IT Chapter 2 crossover event would be a good addition into Fortnite Battle Royale or would you rather Epic work with another company?