A leak has surfaced online claiming to reveal a first look at the upcoming map changes and a cinematic screenshot for Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2, but not everyone is convinced that it’s real.

Epic Games has confirmed that the second season will be delayed until February 20, with the extra time needed to get everything ready, including the introduction of an all-new physics engine.


We’re also expecting lots of new content, and some map changes, as is normal with new seasons, and this leak claims to have already found what some of these changes will be.

Originally found on 4chan, the leak soon made it’s way to Twitter. It shows two images, one a rather blurry screenshot from a supposed cinematic trailer, and the other on overview of the map itself.

If correct, three main POI’s have had major changes in the leaked map: Misty Meadows, Slurpy Swamp, and Steamy Stacks.

The blurry cinematic screenshot tells us even less, but all the characters appear to be looking up to the sky. ShiinaBR brought attention to the leak on Twitter, but isn’t totally convinced.

Is the Season 2 leak real?

There’s every chance that these images are totally falsified, but while some are dismissive, others are hopeful that big map changes are on the way.

There’s some pretty significant map changes spotted here, apparently coming in Season 2 of Chapter 2.

Typically, Epic doesn’t reveal any particulars about the new season until very close to the start date, in an attempt to keep everything a surprise.

Leakers often get their hands on game files early, which can play spoiler, but these images don’t appear to be from game files at all. Where exactly they are sourced from is unknown, which doesn’t help make them seem any more real.

We should get much more reliable leaks in the coming weeks, which will then either prove or disprove this one.

Do you think this leaked Season 2 map is the real deal? Or just a fake for attention? Let us know in the comments below.