The runes at Loot Lake are slowly locking in and it seems that players will be able to vote to bring back a vaulted item or weapon. The first two of six total items have been shown on monitors at Loot Lake.

The build up for the Loot Lake event has been quite the ride. It all began at the very beginning of Season 8 with the mysterious helicopter and its path around the map.

Eventually we got to the Loot Lake vault. This vault now appears to be the literal Vault where Epic Games stores vaulted weapons and items. Players may have a chance to return one or more of these items to the game in Season 9.

Loot Lake monitors show Jump Pad & Drum Gun

Players will presumably get a chance to vote for a community favorite weapon or item to be ‘unvaulted.’ This voting event is likely to occur in the transition period between Season 8 and Season 9. That’ll be the last week of Season 8 or an extended week of time like Season 7.

The items that players will be able to vote on are displayed on monitors at the Loot Lake facilities. There are six monitors in all, but only two currently show items.

The Drum Gun is the newest addition to the monitors

The top right monitor displays the classical Jump Pad from Fortnite’s younger days. The pad served as one of the mobility options in the game prior to the introduction of vehicles or other location based mobility methods.

The bottom left monitor displays the Drum Gun. A submachine gun style weapon which used Medium Bullets and dealt significant damage similar to that of an AR. It was removed from the game due to balance issues around its ability to destroy builds and melt opponents at close range.

There is a possibility that Epic Games will simply add all of the items on the monitors into the game. It would be a serious hit to the loot tables and further increase the possibility of unwanted loot. The ‘voting event’ is the community’s best guess at Epic’s plan.

Which of these two items would you most like to see added back into Fortnite? Our vote would have to go to the Drum Gun.

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