Epic Games added the new Baller vehicle, adjustments to Vending Machines, and more with patch v8.10 on March 12, and the community seems to be enjoying the new vehicle while others are upset about some of the adjustments.

Fortnite fans were anxious about the arrival of the new Baller vehicle, which acts as a mode of transportation while protecting the player inside the ball, like a hamster ball.

Tons of popular Fortnite players like Ninja and Timthetatman have posted numerous clips on Twitter showing off the Baller vehicle:

NickEh30 posted on Twitter saying he enjoyed the new animations and Baller vehicle, while appreciating Epic for continuing to deliver new content each week:

Gen.G’s Tinaraes posted a video on Youtube showing off the new animations added into Fortnite with update v8.10, saying that the new Chug Jug animation is her favorite:

For mobile players, some are reporting that their devices are crashing since the v8.10 update:

We will be sure to keep you updated with any announcements from Epic regarding Fortnite crashing on mobile.

Some players aren’t excited about the new update, as they only seemed to enjoy the new healing animations:

Week 3 of Season 8’s weekly challenges will unlock on Thursday, March 14 and will allow players to level up their Battle Pass and unlock exclusive items!

What was your favorite addition to Fortnite with the v8.10 patch?