A significant amount of Fortnite fans have long awaited the removal of the Shotgun Delay. In v9.30, Epic finally heard their pleas, but we want to know what you thought of the immense change.

Epic Games might have a slow response time to some issues, but they do listen to their players. While it’s OK to challenge them on bizarre decisions, it’s also important to give credit for good ones.

A great show of their willingness to reach out was their removal of the Shotgun Delay in v9.30. The change removes the bothersome delay for shooting a shotgun after you switch to it.

More importantly, Epic decided to keep the delay in for multi-shotgun inventories. This way close range combat is more fluid without risking “double pump” style gameplay trends.

Here’s Epic’s official patch note on the topic:

Shotgun Swap Delay Removed

  • Shotgun cooldowns now only apply when the player is carrying multiple shotguns, regardless of Shotgun type.
    • This is a Quality of Life change to prevent the swap delay system from interfering with players who do not have multiple shotguns in their inventory. As with all changes, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this and make adjustments if necessary.
The Tactical Shotgun just got a bit more useful! – via Epic Games

From the points of view of competitive players, this seems like an absolute win. The feature’s removal has been called for by casual members of the FortniteBR subreddit as well, but we really want to know YOUR opinion.

Our vision of the change’s popularity could have been tainted by being inside our own “bubble.” We doubt that the results will show a negative reaction to the change, but it’s important to get some concrete poll results to back up perceived opinions.

So, vote your thoughts in the poll below. We’ve given you the usual four choices and you can tell us more about your reasoning in the comments. We recommend playing a few games with the new patch before voting to get a solid idea of the new flow of combat.

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