Epic Games uses its “Vault” system to adjust game balance and remove/reintroduce items as they see fit. The system works fairly well to root out balance problems, but it can leave us yearning for old classics.


Epic Games allows for vaulted weapons to be used and placed in Creative mode as well as in their ‘Unvaulted’ LTM. These can give players who weren’t around during the weapons’ glory days a chance to try them out.

The Vault’s a good balance mechanism to ensure the game remains balanced for all players. Casual players may not care as deeply about balance issues as competitive minded individuals, but they too want a level playing field where over-powered (or under-powered) weapons aren’t filling up the loot tables.

With this said, it’s easy to harken back to the “good old days” when our favorite vaulted weapon still roamed the live map. For example, the Burst ARs never truly found a place in the game’s balance of ARs and Snipers, but we still want to see them return.

So, what’s your favorite vaulted weapon in Fortnite? This isn’t necessarily a question about whether you want to see the weapon return, but rather which one you like the most when it was in the live game.

Our personal favorites are the Burst ARs, Six Shooters, and Tac SMGs. You can place your vote for your favorite in the ranked list below. Items such as traps, Impulse Grenades, etc. are not listed, only weapons.