Epic Games uses its “Vault” system to adjust game balance and remove/reintroduce items as they see fit. The system works fairly well to root out balance problems, but it can leave us yearning for old classics.

Epic Games allows for vaulted weapons to be used and placed in Creative mode as well as in their ‘Unvaulted’ LTM. These can give players who weren’t around during the weapons’ glory days a chance to try them out.

The Vault’s a good balance mechanism to ensure the game remains balanced for all players. Casual players may not care as deeply about balance issues as competitive minded individuals, but they too want a level playing field where over-powered (or under-powered) weapons aren’t filling up the loot tables.

With this said, it’s easy to harken back to the “good old days” when our favorite vaulted weapon still roamed the live map. For example, the Burst ARs never truly found a place in the game’s balance of ARs and Snipers, but we still want to see them return.

So, what’s your favorite vaulted weapon in Fortnite? This isn’t necessarily a question about whether you want to see the weapon return, but rather which one you like the most when it was in the live game.

Our personal favorites are the Burst ARs, Six Shooters, and Tac SMGs. You can place your vote for your favorite in the ranked list below. Items such as traps, Impulse Grenades, etc. are not listed, only weapons.

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  1. Ugh drum gun was so op, glad it’s gone, if you had good aim and a little Bloom luck you could laser half of someones health in a single burst, which is faster then they can react by building, lmg was pretty good one of my favorite guns, tactical smg is just waayy to op, to demonstrate, the bluebsilenced smg (highest dps gun in the game on) has a dps of 216 while the purple tactical has a dps of 260😂 whole nother lvl of op (Drum gun has dps of 247) six shooter was such a trash gun but it was very fun to use, the heavy was pretty good but pump has been a way better option since buff, double berrwl shotgun was somehow really trash and insanely op at the same time, u either did 20 per bullet or 120 per bullet, bolt action is the same as silenced bolt action but a couple of dmg points higher

  2. It’s actually insane that so many people voted for the Drum Gun. That gun was more broken than SMGs in Season 5 and the Epic/Legendary pump this season. If you actually want it back that bad then you probably were one of the less skilled players that just held left click with it while you constantly sprayed and got lucky to get a kill. I used to use it and melt people with it and while it was easy kills, it wasn’t really fun to just melt someone considering it took no skill.

  3. drum gun sucked,most of the people that voted for didnt even play back in Season 5,they just want an overpowered gun to make their sh*tty skill gap against the average player smaller

    • Not many people used it, so they vaulted it. It was a nice gimmick, but that’s all it was, a gimmick. You simply enjoyed that gimmick, it appealed to you. Hell, it appealed to everyone for .. the first few weeks maybe. But it got old real fast because other weapons were much better. You probably like Mcree from Overwatch or something.

      • It wasn’t really a gimmick as you say, they gun is quite overpowered in capable hands. I just stopped using it due to laziness. Sometimes i just like to spray and pray but this gun required a bit of accuracy

        • Anything can be overpowered in capable hands, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a gimmick. The fact is, not many people used it and that’s the only reason it was vaulted. Why do I say that? Because it wasn’t overpowered, no one complained about it.. so, that leaves no one used it.

  4. I hope they vault the heavy AR. It is absolutely garbage.
    At least every rarity ASIDE from legendary.
    That said, I miss the tactical SMG and famas.

    • Since they downgraded the heavy AR it has ruined the loot pool. All i can find now is grey and green ak. All i want is just a standard AR

      • The amount of trigger I get when I get a uncommon/green/blue AK. I just want the damn AR, I’d take a freaking BURST over this. It’s a great gun that rewards accuracy, but accuracy with this weapon means being a standing target, not only for the enemy, but for third parties.

        • I despised the burst but i would take it over the AK any day! Don’t get me wrong, it does decent damage if you can hit the shot but like you said that means being a standing target


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