Fortnite has come out with a lot of content since launch. Eight Seasons have arrived onto the Fortnite shores, all with unique items, map changes, and skins. Which is your favorite Fortnite Season to date and why?

We’re currently cruising through Season 8 of Fortnite, but there’s a lot of great memories we all have from the seven other seasons. The addition of Tilted Towers, Jetpacks, and the old faithful Moisty Mire are just a few memories of Seasons past.

Each Season in Fortnite has had a bit of theme around Epic crafts the new world locations and items. For example, Season 8 has pirates and explorers while Season 2 had the “Fort Knights.”

Red Knight – Menace of Anarchy Acres – via Epic Games

We won’t do a full recap of every season as it would be a little too lengthy, but it’s always fun to reminisce about the “good old days.”

With that said, every Fortnite season has had its downsides with bugs, glitches, and failed implementations. It’s the heavy price we pay for such a fluid support methodology as Epic’s. The results can vary wildly and such constant change can be hard on the game’s balance.

The Baller was added in Season 8 – via Epic Games

This effect can be seen in the current growing pains of the competitive scene, the want for additional gamemodes (casual and non-building), and stability problems.

So, taking into account all of Fortnite’s greatness and problems, what’s your favorite Fortnite season? You can vote in the list below and then be sure to head to our Twitter @FortniteINTEL or the comments sections to tell us why.

We’re interested to know your reasoning behind the vote and we’ll do a follow-up looking at the community’s opinions.

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