Fortnite might be a Battle Royale experience at its core, but Epic Games loves to put out new LTM varieties nearly every two weeks. Which LTM has been your favorite since Fortnite’s launch?

Limited Time Modes are a pleasure for both players and Epic Games. They allow Epic to test out wacky and wild ideas without destroying core gameplay.

Although, Epic did add the Infinity Blade into regular, core gameplay…

Anyways, the LTM concept has worked out very well for Epic as they can offer exciting new ways to play for fans. Some of the modes have even become so iconic that people want to become permanent additions.

Not every LTM is a smash-hit and that’s the way Epic intends the LTM model to work. It’s essentially throwing paint at a wall to see what color truly fits the room. You won’t always get it right this way, but you are gonna have a lot of fun on the journey.

The Getaway LTM – via Epic Games

There’s been so many of the LTM experiences now that we thought we would go ahead and ask you what your favorite LTM has been so far. We’re talking all the way back from Fortnite’s first one with 50v50 or their newest with ‘Floor is Lava.’

Our personal favorites have to be the big team game modes like Teams of 20, 50v50, or Disco Domination. They depart so far from the core Battle Royale experience, but still manage to bring a truly fun experience to the table.

Vote in the ranked list below for your favorite LTM in Fortnite’s history. We’ve combined modes which featured Solos/Duos/Squads into a single entries to try and limit the size of the list a bit.

You can also tell us more about why you voted for the LTM of your choice in the comments below or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

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