With the v9.21 patch and content update, Epic Games released the Proximity Grenade Launcher into the Fortnite wilds. What they were thinking in adding such a weapon is completely beyond us.

Epic loves to mix things in Fortnite whether the current meta of the game is good or bad. For them, it’s about keeping things fresh and creating media attention around each and every release.

Of course, this strategy makes sense for keeping the game alive, but it can also seriously hurt the game’s balance. With the release of the Proximity Launcher, it seems they’ve done did it again.

No need to aim…in a shooter game.

Many streamers and pro players have voiced their concerns over the weapon’s ease of use, but we want to hear from you. While celebrities and pros are important, it’s the core playerbase that maintains the game’s profitability.

So, we’ve got a poll for you. What are your initial impressions of the Proximity Launcher? You can vote in the poll below and see what are others are thinking in real time as votes come in.

After you’ve voted for your choice, tell us why in the comments below. We’re genuinely curious to see your justifications for your choice and want to get a better idea of our community’s opinions.

Based on the end results, we’ll put together our ‘FortniteINTEL Rating’ to determine how successful the weapon’s release has been. We’re not expecting the number to be anywhere near the Burst SMG’s, but you never know.

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