Polar Peak appears to be a central point of the Season 9 story as there has been a lot of activity on the mountain lately.

People theorized that the peak would melt when Season 7 of Fortnite ended, but the mountain has persisted all the way through Season 9.

Now, as we finally turn the corner into summer, it may finally be time for Polar Peak to come crashing down.

Cracks were reported in the ice around the peak, and more melting was uncovering parts of the castle, now a bigger change is taking place.

Multiple people are reporting tremors shaking the mountain in games today.

ChickaVuBoo, one of our readers, took a quick video showing the shaking in game.

Polar Peak will probably be the central location for any events that happen in the area. Remember those mysterious eggs that were found in the castle way back in Season 7?

We never learned what those were leading towards, and we may finally have an answer coming soon.

Other users have reported changes in the ice biome, like extra cracks in various glaciers.

And you people say global warming isn’t real from r/FortNiteBR

That screenshot doesn’t show exactly where that cracking is taking place, but it definitely shows that more changes are coming to the snowy area as summer approaches.

We want to hear your theories below as to what is happening, we will be writing out some predictions for this area of the map next week and would love to have some community thoughts to add to that article.

Let us know below.

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