A brand new PlayStation exclusive Fortnite cosmetic pack has been revealed by PlayStation Greece – and it looks pretty sweet.

While Fortnite is available across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch, it’s PlayStation owners who have benefited the most when it comes to free cosmetics.


Being a PS Plus member, which requires you to pay a monthly subscription, will land you a new cosmetic pack – completely free of charge – whenever the publishers get around to making one. These are usually labeled as PlayStation Celebration, and there’s a brand-new one coming in the near future. 

PlayStation and Fortnite have linked up for exclusive skins in the past.

On September 14, the PlayStation Greece Twitter account revealed that a fresh pack is in the works. As is pretty usual, the set will contain a harvesting tool and a brand-new weapon wrap – dropping the glider and contrail that has been available previously.

This new one, where sadly the names of the contents are unknown, will instead contain a new logo for your banner and Mace emoji for whenever you decide to celebrate without breaking out into a dance.

Image via PlayStation Greece.

While a vast list of cosmetics including skins, backblings, and gliders were revealed by dataminers following the v10.30 update, the rarities, names, and descriptions of these newly revealed items are not yet public knowledge. 

They could very well be added to the game’s files in the near future, especially with the v10.31 update just around the corner, and this announcement from PlayStation’s Greek Twitter account could just be someone jumping the gun. 

As the names aren’t available, neither is the release date of the new pack, it’s unknown when PS Plus members will be able to get their hands on the new items.

Until then, however, they can claim the current celebration set which will grant you the Coaxial Blue Glider, Blue Fusion Contrail, as well as a unique Loading Screen for free of charge.