While many of the greatest Fortnite players have already qualified for the World Cup, there is still a long list of major competitors with no spot. Some of the names on this list may surprise you.

The Fortnite World Qualifiers have been a grueling gauntlet of skills and determination. Not everyone can make it to the Finals in New York, but there are a multitude of shocking exceptions from the qualified players.

In fact, 66 of the Top 100 earning Fortnite players of all time are currently unqualified for the Finals. Naturally, some have retired from competing, but most have actively tried to break their way into the prestigious event.

The question is how will the absence of the some of Fortnite’s biggest stars affect the event? In terms of competitive intensity, the effect should be minimal. However, in terms of the viewership, we could a significantly reduced view count if some of these pros don’t make it.

All earnings stats were retrieved from EsportsEarnings.com.

Cloak – 3rd All Time Earner – $421,425

Tfue & Cloak have one last chance for glory – IMG: Cloak

Cloak is the highest earning Fortnite pro who has not earned a spot in the Fortnite World Cup. He is still considered among the greatest players, but his performances in the World Cup Qualifiers haven’t been adequate. His duo, Tfue, managed to clench a Solos spot earlier in the event cycle.

Poach – 5th All Time Earner – $323,500

Team Liquid hopes for Duos fames hang on Poach – via Liquid Poach

Poach is the second player from the top 5 Fortnite earners to not have a Finals spot. The player boasts an incredible career with multiple first place placements and tons of prize money. Poach is also among the most vocal critics of the Epic’s constant meta changes and their negative effects for Fortnite esports.

ZexRow – 15th All Time Earner – $199,475

TSM has employed a wide variety of the steamers and players, but ZexRow leads their squad. The young player boasts huge earnings, a plethora of trophies, and influence over thousands of fans. Yet, he’s missed the mark for the Qualifiers. For ZexRow, Week 10 is judgement day.

Nickmercs – 31st All Time Earner – $129,225

Is the controller mightier than the mouse?

Nickmercs is the controller community’s greatest champion and he is made a lot of money from Fortnite. With that said, a gigantic amount of that cash was from an entirely different format. The MFAM’s support gives powerful motivation, but Nick will need to perform well in Week 10 for a spot.

Symfuhny – 33rd All Time Earner – $124,075

Symfuhny’s dynamic gameplay makes for great viewing – via @Symfuhny

Ok, let’s be honest. NRG’s brand will be well represented without Sym, but the fast-paced player’s gameplay would add a great spark to the competition. NRG has already claimed 6 qualifier spots using 3 players (benjyfishy, MrSavageM, & Zayt). Can they claim a fourth before Week 10’s finish?

Ninja – 77th All Time Earner – $58,075

Can Ninja make it to the Finals in Week 10?

Ninja’s is, without question, Fortnite’s biggest influencer, but that isn’t enough to make it in competitive Fortnite. The star’s rapid rise to fame hasn’t afforded him significant success after Epic took over the Fortnite esports scene. With Week 10 hours away, is Ninja ready and able to do what it takes to make it to the World Cup Finals?

TSM Myth – 88th All Time Earner – $55,775

Myth’s not ready to give up just yet

Myth remains TSM’s face of Fortnite, but he unfortunately hasn’t been able to place for the Finals. While Comadon will represent the Team Solomid brand nonetheless, we know Myth won’t be satisfied with watching from the sidelines.

Honorable Mentions

More big earners with no qualification for the World Cup
  • 72hrs – 6th All Time Earner – $313,200
  • Chap – 10th All Time Earner – $245,725
  • Svennoss – 27th All Time Earner – $135,450
  • Typical Gamer – 38th All Time Earner – $106,750
  • Hysteria – 48th All Time Earner – $88,400
  • Daequan – 54th All Time Earner – $77,725
  • KingRichard – 67th All Time Earner – $62,400
  • SypherPK – 83rd All Time Earner – $53,400
  • Pow3r – 93rd All Time Earner – $49,650

Full List of Unqualified Top 100 Earners

Fortnite World Cup
The Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers are almost over!

For the best idea of the massive number of unqualified stars, here’s a full list of the 66 players yet to qualify from the Top 100 Earners. It’s a staggering amount of talent that will be sorely missed at the World Cup Finals.

ZexRowVapeJesusTypical GamerYungChung
SvennossTommox2Twins JesseBaySoldier

After Week 10’s qualifiers are done and dusted, we’ll update you on how many (if any) of these major players managed to clutch up. Even after pouring over the names for a few hours, it’s hard to imagine not seeing these players seating on the main stage. But, that’s the way it goes in fierce esports competition!

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