The original Fortnite map held a lot of secrets, as evidenced by its ever-changing nature and the fact that Loot Lake was the center of pretty much everything. Players think they found out what the deal with the Chapter 2 map is now.

The conclusion of Fortnite Season X introduced a brand-new map into the game which featured numerous new locations and even some new mechanics.

Loot Lake was the epicenter of the previous map but with the new map, that location is now gone but some players think they have the new map all figured out.

Loot Lake sure looked strange at the end.

Instead of Loot Lake, the map has replaced the center of a map with an island, but some players are suspect of that decision. They think the developers are hiding something underneath that island and as the season progresses the answers will be revealed.

Reddit user Blue-Valiant made a post that called out Epic and said they weren’t “sly” for what they’ve done.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but Epic usually introduces some sort of story for each season and so far there hasn’t been a whole lot happening on the map, but it is still young.

Fortnitemares begins on October 29 so that will be the first major event of Chapter 2 and we might get our first hints to the long-term plan that Epic might be cooking up.

The last Fortnitemares event introduced a lot of zombies into the mix and we’re likely looking at something similar this time around. Of course, we can count on a whole bunch of new Halloween skins, and those have already been finding their way into the game.

We’ll have to wait and see what this event does for the map itself. Keep an eye on that center island because we think it does look a little suspect.

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