Even after being updated Fortnite players are still finding features that make the Mounted Turrets overpowered.

During the V6.31 update, the Mounted Turrets were updated to make them less powerful, but it appears Epic Games missed a large oversight.

The Mounted Turrets are an oppressive force, causing destruction to builds and players and it also appears that they protect users from aim assist.

A Fortnite player that goes by the name ‘Mr_Dragzzz’ posted a video showcasing the issue.

In the video, Mr_Dragzzz explains that “If you center your reticle on the player in the turret and ADS without adjusting your aim, it auto aims you to the base of the turret, and you have to fight the aim assist to hit the player.”

Turrets protect players from aim assist from r/FortniteCompetitive

You can see the player’s reticle in the video continuously snap to the base of the turret rather than to the enemy.

Another user informed others that “It happens with all ‘vehicles’ in [Fortnite], even the [Shopping Cart], [ATK], and [Quadcrashers]”.

If this is true it is strange that the Mounted Turret, which is technically a trap, has the same properties as in-game vehicles.

Epic Games adjusted the collision for the Mounted Turret to make it easier to land shots against players using it in the previous update, however, this does not seem to have affected the strange aim assist issue.

The last update also changed Mounted Turrets so you can no longer repair them and almost cut the drop rate in half.

More work still seems to be needed for the Mounted Turrets and many players are asking for the item to be vaulted entirely.

Writer and reporter for Dexerto.com and FortniteINTEL.com.