Fortnite’s latest content update, v10.0, introduced a newly styled Tilted where players are not allowed to place builds. Thanks to a few quick videos floating around Twitter, fans have been able to find an exploit to avoid Tilted Town’s no-build zone.

Tilted Towers, one of Fortnite Battle Royale’s most popular POI’s has seen numerous style changes since it was added in the game back in Season 2.

Before August 5, Neo Tilted was a futuristic-themed city which was powered by the Vault underneath Loot Lake.

Players were able to witness a huge battle between the Polar Peak monster and Pressure Plant’s giant mech towards the end of Season 9, where the mech drew power from the Vault to score a Victory Royale over the beast.

For Fortnite Battle Royale Season X, players can ride weaponized mech vehicles called BRUTES which can almost guarantee a Victory Royale.

Now, Tilted Town has entered the Battle Royale island where players are not allowed to build structures or harvest materials.

Thanks to a few players who were able to think outside the box, fans can use an exploit in order to build within Tilted Town.

Building exploit within Tilted Town

Free-agent Fortnite player Javas posted a short walkthrough video on Twitter showing players how to build within the city that is supposed to be build-less.

Players will have to build a floor right along the barrier of Tilted Town’s no-build zone. Once they edit the floor, players will be able to attach other builds and continue on with their game.

Another method was discovered by Remyfromars using a Driftboard.

If a player is riding a Driftboard and shoot the nose of the board, then the player will be sent forward. Somehow, the game doesn’t register that players are within Tilted Town while using this exploit, so fans can build how they please.

Be aware that if you are in Tilted Town and you don’t see a player wearing a Cowboy outfit, then they can build.

Hopefully with the next patch Epic can also nerf the new BRUTE mech vehicles that are wreaking havoc all over Fortnite.

Since the videos have gone on to earn hundreds of thousands of views collectively, we expect Epic Games to implement a patch to fix these exploits sooner rather than later.