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Nintendo Switch

Players are reporting problems with the Switch version of Fortnite since v7.20



Fortnite’s latest update has created some major problems with the Switch port.

Epic Games surprised everyone when it released Fortnite on the Switch.

It’s no surprise the Nintendo Switch isn’t the most powerful console in the world but that hasn’t stopped it from receiving Fortnite.

However, the Switch port has been a bit of a mixed bag with its fair share of issues since it launched.

It can be argued the Switch version of Fortnite is closer to the mobile versions than it is to the consoles.

The latest update has created even more problems for some players.

In a post on Reddit, user MrFlashback1 shared a screenshot of one his matches.

Fortnite Mobile

Via Reddit

This screenshot shows the textures take a long time to pop in and the game just looks downright hideous.

Various replies to the post show users expressing their displeasure with the Switch port as a whole and confirming this update has created issues with them as well.

An Epic Games employee responded to the post saying he didn’t run into any problems with the Switch version since the update.

However, this isn’t the first time players have expressed displeasure with the version.

How have things been going for you with Fortnite on the Switch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Frustrating Fortnite bug is ruining traps on console



Both Xbox One and PS4 players have been left angered at a glitch that is ruining tower battles during Fortnite Chapter 2.

Since the explosive relaunch of Epic Games’ battle royale game with Fortnite Chapter 2, console players have reported multiple bugs that have surfaced since its release. 

From flying high above the map to being unable to fire a weapon – and when it eventually does, you are greeted with hit registration issues – players are understandably frustrated at the lack of stability that was a staple to the series’ first game. 

Sky-scraping towers are often built during build battles. Credit: Epic Games.

Not only are console players stuck with issues when on the offensive, they are also burdened with a host of issues in regards to their defensive strategy.

Traps are a popular method of defending against oncoming players – whether defending or during a build battle, they provide an easy solution to counter enemy aggression – well, that’s if you can use them. 

Not only have players reported FPS issues when deploying the defensive tactic on console, it has also surfaced that the traps no longer place in the desired location.

Reddit user, jack_shepard37, aptly highlighted the bug during a standard tower defense scenario. The clip underscores the trap being placed in a random location, following a flurry of wall placements. 

It goes without saying that the unreliable nature of trap placement on console provides a distinct advantage for PC players in a situation of this kind.

Traps can be used to great effect when deployed at the right time. Credit: Epic Games.

Not only do PC players have a generally quicker build time due to the ability to use their mouse and keyboard, they now have more consistent in-game defense mechanics at their disposal. 

Although being unable to use traps is hardly game-breaking, it certainly changes the defense meta for console players. Be sure to let us know if you’ve experienced something similar or have been affected by the number of other issues that have plagued Fortnite Chapter 2 so far!

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Xbox One

How to win a Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller

Find out how to win a brand-new Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller through your skill in the Fortnite Combine.



Find out how to win a brand-new Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller through your skill in the Fortnite Combine.

It seems like the initial intention of Epic’s addition of the ‘Combine’ game mode was to help fine-tune the new sensitivity settings for console players. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own with the help of the speed-running community.

Part of the reason Fortnite is so great is the number of things you can do in the game. You can play a base Fotnite match or an unlimited number of game modes in a Creative lobby.

The Combine was just the next iteration of this, and players have already started to complete the mode in under a minute.

If you’re someone who have been spending hours practicing the Combine, your skills have not gone to waste. Epic has announced a Combine giveaway with a chance to win one in ten Special Edition Fortnite Xbox One Controllers.

The giveaway is set to run now through October 11, so get in there and start practicing.

The rules for the competition are simple. All you have to do is submit a photo or video of your best time to Twitter with #FortniteCombine in the title. 

You must be at least 16 years old to win this prize, and follow the best practices of submissions – found here.

According to the rules, it appears as though Epic is going to pick random players to win the controllers. This is good news and bad news since you don’t have to be one of the fastest times to win a controller.

Special Edition Fortnite Xbox Controller

In all likelihood, though, Epic will be choosing the fastest recorded time as one of the ten winners – so it won’t hurt to try your best. 

Speedrunning entered the Fortnite world in a big way through the Cizzorz Death Runs. Players would compete for the best time to gain money and bragging rights, which eventually culminated in the Fortnite World Cup Creative finals in New York – where Cizzorz’s speedrunning team took home the trophy.

Now, some of these speedrunners who made a name for themselves have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube – all from speedrunning a Creative Mode map.

Best of luck with your Combine times!

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Xbox One

This Fortnite vehicle idea would standardize console controls




On console Fortnite, vehicle usage can be confusing and a chore due to a ridiculous design decision. This simple change would allow players much easier control of vehicles on console versions of Fortnite.

Console Fortnite has always and will always be a little behind the PC version in terms of performance. That’s completely fine and acceptable considering the much cheaper hardware at play.

This is why it’s been a heated debate as to why certain modes (including competitive modes) allows cross play with the far superior PC hardware and peripherals. But alas, this is not the time for that discussion.

The consoles already have a distinct disadvantage due to the performance, so why would Epic place a further restraint on console based players? We don’t think it’s purposeful or nefarious, but rather a bit negligent.

For those that don’t know, vehicle in console Fortnite all have differing ‘Exit’ buttons. Yeah…rather odd, isn’t it?

Reddit user ‘the7aco’ has created a great series of pictures which show the problem firsthand.

The exit button on every vehicle is different on console and it is really aggrevating. Could we have them all as one button? from r/FortNiteBR

After taking a gander at that mess, what could Epic’s reasoning be behind such a system?

We understand that certain vehicle gain minor benefits by switched the “less important” Exit button onto another button, but we would argue that the Exit button is quite important in itself.

Good players play video games using a mix of muscle memory, active controlling, and strategic/tactical thinking. When the buttons for exiting the vehicles is different for nearly every vehicle, the muscle memory part of the equation flies out the window.

Standardizing the Exit button would make a lot more sense and give players a level, normalized control scheme for the Fortnite vehicles.

Or, even better, give us a new option in the menus that allows us to toggle ‘Exit Button Standardization” on or off. This way no one gets ticked off if they love the current system, but the rest of us can finally use vehicles properly.

What do you think about this odd design choice? Tell us about your experiences with differing exit buttons and how it may have cost you games in Fortnite. We know it’s cost us at least two or three wins, minimum.

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