Fortnite skins aren’t supposed to provide a competitive advantage, but lately, that hasn’t been the case.

Recently the Deep Dab emote was highlighted for its potential to be a useful strategy and get nasty peeks on your opponents.

Now a new skin is coming under fire for a similar reason. The Plastic Patroller skin brings the classic plastic army man look to Fortnite.

The only issue is its color. The army men are designed to be camouflaged, so they are a deep forest green that blends into trees, bushes, and grass.

But that camouflage is a clear advantage in the game. Even if the person is still easy to make out, if the area behind them is green their hitboxes will blend into the background, making it harder to land shots from a distance.

This issue was pointed out by Camicam95 on Reddit:

“These are for cosmetics only and grant no competitive advantage” from r/FortNiteBR

While this post is rightfully tagged as ‘humor’ it still does show a competitive advantage for the skin. Sure people won’t be just hanging out in trees but imagine hitting a long-range shot on this skin running on grass vs. a brightly colored skin that stands out like Merry Marauder or Peely.

It has already proved to be a popular skin in Friday Fortnite with the Gotaga + Airwaks and SypherPK + HighDistortion duos both using the skin. Both duos won their first three matchups and are currently sitting in a spot in the winner’s semi-finals.

With the World Cup quickly approaching, Epic absolutely doesn’t want everyone in the lobby using the same skin. But if it can provide even a tiny advantage over your opponents, a ton of people will be using it when the event rolls around.

How Epic responds from here will be interesting. They now have two cosmetics proven to provide an advantage in the game and something will probably need to be done whether it is a vault + refund or changing how they look.

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