Fortnite skin concepts range from the terrifying to the down-right hilarious, but this Pizza-based idea may just be the cheesiest yet.


The concept, created by user baesd was posted to the FortniteBR subreddit and it shows what a ‘Pizza Man’ skin would look like in Fortnite – fully decked out with a back bling and accompanying glider.

Here is some pizza action I came up with 😛 from r/FortNiteBR

While it doesn’t have any sort of name, the ‘Pizza Man’ concept is incredibly detailed to represent all parts of a Pizza place – and could be linked easily to the Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit that once stood in Tomato Town.

An idea for a spinning advertisement sign is included as a back bling, while there is also a delivery car from ‘Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit’ as a possible glider.

Of course, food-themed skins are nothing new to the game but this concept really goes above and beyond what was on offer with the Pizza Pit set back in season six – with the Tomatohead and Nightshade skins.

This concept also looks like it has taken inspiration from the new Peely skin from Season eight.

Epic have had no issues with implementing fan skin concepts into the game – we’ve already seen that with the Tender Defender.

However, considering the Pizza Pit already has a mascot, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into the ‘Pizza Man’ during a game anytime soon – which is a shame, considering how good the idea looks.