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This Pizza Man Fortnite skin concept is one of the best ideas yet



Fortnite skin concepts range from the terrifying to the down-right hilarious, but this Pizza-based idea may just be the cheesiest yet.

The concept, created by user baesd was posted to the FortniteBR subreddit and it shows what a ‘Pizza Man’ skin would look like in Fortnite – fully decked out with a back bling and accompanying glider.

Here is some pizza action I came up with 😛 from r/FortNiteBR

While it doesn’t have any sort of name, the ‘Pizza Man’ concept is incredibly detailed to represent all parts of a Pizza place – and could be linked easily to the Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit that once stood in Tomato Town.

An idea for a spinning advertisement sign is included as a back bling, while there is also a delivery car from ‘Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit’ as a possible glider.

Of course, food-themed skins are nothing new to the game but this concept really goes above and beyond what was on offer with the Pizza Pit set back in season six – with the Tomatohead and Nightshade skins.

This concept also looks like it has taken inspiration from the new Peely skin from Season eight.

Epic have had no issues with implementing fan skin concepts into the game – we’ve already seen that with the Tender Defender.

However, considering the Pizza Pit already has a mascot, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into the ‘Pizza Man’ during a game anytime soon – which is a shame, considering how good the idea looks.


This concept brings grilling to Fortnite in time for summer

This thematic addition to Fortnite Season 3 is perfect for Summer Splash.



Fortnite Season 3 has put a new emphasis on food. Vegetable boxes spawn all across the map while players farm for cabbage and corn as a new way to heal. Most players are fans of this change. The more healing items in the game, the better.

Why stop there? Why not allow us to cook our food for additional HP? Well, one Fortnite player made a concept that allows us to do just that. Reddit user u/MapleSmoothie created a Hot Dog concept. You can find them in fridges and eat them raw, or grill them for greater healing power.

Via: u/MapleSmoothie

This concept, as its creator points out, would be a perfect addition to the Summer Splash event. Grilling and summertime go hand in hand, and Epic even have an existing emote to correspond with the mechanic.

We don’t need to stop with hot dogs, either. Epic could allow us to grill corn and add other meats like burgers and sausages. Some of them could even grant shields, allowing you to carry some food versions of Minis and Big Pots.

It’s probably too late for Epic to add this to Season 3. There’s a chance that we could see it next year, however. Epic have always welcomed community concepts with game mechanics and skins. This one would be a small, yet thematic addition that could bring a new element into the game.

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How to find Gnomes at Homely Hills

The Season 3 Week 1 challenges are live! Here are the Homely Hills gnome locations.



Fortnite Season 3 has arrived. For the first time in a long time, we’re excited to hop in and complete our challenges.

The first batch of challenges went live when the update released. Players who don’t plan on paying for extra tiers are eager to rank up as quickly as they can. Thankfully, this week’s challenges aren’t too difficult.

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

The only challenge that requires any sort of guide is “Find Gnomes at Homely Hills.” You only have to find three, though, which means you’ll finish this challenge in one game of Team Rumble.

First, you’re going to need to find Homely Hills. It’s located northeast of Pleasant Park and appears to be a reworked version of what was already there. Here is a close-up of Homely Hills along with the locations of the three gnomes.

The first is located next to a grill in one of the yards, the second is beside the road, and the third is next to a rock.

This is a relatively nondescript area, so these landmarks probably won’t help very much. Here’s a video to make things easier for you.

As we said, this is the first time that we’ve been truly excited to complete our challenges. Let’s hope this isn’t another 100+ day season and this feeling lasts a while.

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These creative trap ideas could spice up Fortnite Season 3

These trap concepts would inject some creativity into the Fortnite loot pool in Season 3.



We’re in the dog days of Fortnite Season 2, which means we’re stuck theorizing and thinking about future concepts for the next week. This season, like the last, was extremely long and players are ready to move on.

Traps have been woefully lacking in Chapter 2. We’ve seen the Spike Trap and the Launch Pad, and they barely existed at the same time. There was a brief overlap in Season 1, but Epic removed Spike Traps at the beginning of Season 2.

Most players want to see them return, but this concept doesn’t involve Spike Traps. Instead, Reddit user u/MrYeetFeet69 created three new ideas that will improve Reboot Vans, healing, and Upgrade Benches.

Via: u/MrYeetFeet69

A trap that allows you to reboot teammates sounds like a fantastic idea. Warzone has introduced us to the world where you can revive a teammate without grabbing their card, and we like it. A trap like this one could allow you to reboot a teammate without a time limit.

A trap that works like a Campfire for shields has been a long-running request of Fortnite players, and something like this is a decent concept – albeit with adjusted rates.

The final concept of the upgrade trap is decent, as well. Upgrading and Sidegrading were interesting additions to Fortnite, but they seem underutilized at the moment. They need a revamp – similar to what happened to Vending Machines in Chapter 1 – and this concept could be the answer.

We need some variety and creativity in the Fortnite loot pool. These ideas may not make it into the game as-is, but a version of them could.

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