The apparent video in question has turned out to most likely be fake. Unfortunately, there are no dinosaurs in Salty Springs.

Original Article:

Fortnite is becoming known for its random events happening in-game with no prior warning or indication it was going to happen. For example, just today, we received an odd Cube that formed when lightning struck a rock in Paradise Palms.

The Cube contains glyphs and knocks back any player that touches it – even going as far as firing back bullets at them and eliminating them entirely. Ninja and DrLupo almost suffered the same fate during the Summer Skirmish tournament.

However, one event that some players have noticed has gone under the radar for a while – they are hearing Dinosaurs in Salty Springs. It wasn’t just this one player either; many players are reporting hearing weird noises coming from Salty Springs while playing.

Video Credit: @luv29673112

We do not know exactly when this sound appeared in game, so we don’t know if it relates to the appearance of the Cube, or whether it happened as lightning struck for the first time.

Either way, it’s very cool that Dinosaurs may be making an appearance in the future. We may be looking at a prehistoric-themed season 6.

A leaker actually speculated that the rift would “go back in time” on Monday 27th August a few days ago, so we’ll see if it takes us back to prehistoric times.