Innovation marks the path to Fortnite’s continued greatness and a new v9.41 ‘picture in picture’ event streaming feature may become commonplace in the industry after the FWC Finals.

Epic Games knows they need to stay ahead of the competition with original ideas that help to forge a path for the gaming industry. They’ve succeeded at this in many instances including the LTM rotations and the Item Shop monetization model.

With patch v9.41, Epic brought in support for a new ‘picture in picture’ streaming feature that will allow players to play Fortnite and watch the Finals at the same time. This is something we’ve been looking for since the days of Halo 3 and we’re glad to see Epic finally attempt it.

Picture in Picture In-Game Fortnite Streaming

Picture in Picture streaming while playing Fortnite? That’s…new.

In the v9.41 Content Update patch notes, Epic Game slipped in a fairly monumental new feature called ‘Picture in Picture Streaming’ or PiP for short. While Epic seemingly doesn’t want to overplay its impact, it’s important to look at how game-changing this addition might be for gaming as a whole.

The PiP feature allows players to view in-game streamed events, like the Fortnite World Cup Finals, while playing Fortnite. Take a moment and think about another game with such a feature. Stuck? That’s because this completely new for the industry and we’re giddy to see it go live on July 26.

Epic Games gave a short description stating that you can ‘get wins while you watch your favorite competitors.’ They also linked to additional information in a blog post dedicated to the topic.

What will the Fortnite Picture-in-Picture stream look like?

Picture-in-Picture streaming example – Via Epic Games

PiP streaming will be activated by default once the Finals stream begins, but players can opt-out by heading to the lobby menu and turning it off. Additionally, you can turn the video on and off in the middle of games as well. We’ve all had those games where nothing happens for 10 minutes, so it’ll nice to be able to flip to some pro action in the meantime.

Audio, for this first event, will only be available in English. Epic Game apologizes for any fans hoping to get subtitles in their language, but have stated that translation will not be ready in time. These additions will be added for future events. While this comes as a major disappointment, it’s understandable as Epic needs to focus on Season 10 as well as the Finals.

In order to view specific players’ POVs, you’ll need to select their name from the leaderboard located in the menu lobby Finals hub.

Potential PiP Streaming Problems for Fortnite

‘Sorry, I was watching my dude Tfue!’

PiP is undoubtedly a cool feature, but we’re afraid that it could lead to gameplay health problems. By this, we mean more potential of players simply not playing the game and instead watching the Finals.

Fortnite, unfortunately, already suffers significantly from players that only complete challenges during Duos and Squads matches. These players won’t help their team to win and PiP might further create similar issues. If players are too busy watching Tfue hit banger shots, how can they focus on grabbing a clutch Victory Royale?

Epic Games did not state that the feature would be turned off in Arena modes either. This’ll certainly lead to pick-up group conflicts as players degrade gameplay quality due to staring at “sick plays” being made. For the sake of competition, Arena modes should not be able to view the Finals in-game.

Perhaps Epic can create a fine-tuned system that actively tracks combat situations and turns off the stream for high-impact fights?

Either way, PiP innovates on in-game streaming in a way that’s not been seen before and that’s always exciting. The kinks will have to be worked out at a later date. The Finals start on July 26 with the Creative Finals and we can’t wait to see our favorites compete for a piece of the $30,000,000.

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