Epic Games has been dealing with serious performance and stability issues on the mobile versions of Fortnite. On March 22nd, they released a patch for the iOS that promises to fix some stability issues.

The iOS and Android versions of Fortnite have been going through a rough patch with severe stability issues plaguing the devices. Epic Games has promised to make them a priority to ensure fast fixes.

On Friday, March 22nd, Epic Games released patch v8.11.1 for iOS devices that they claim will fix ‘some’ stability issues. Here’s their official post on Reddit about the iOS patch:

iOS v8.11.1 Patch from r/FortNiteMobile

The patch description suggests that the update included a few direct fixes to stability, but mainly serves as a delivery for a new crash tracking system.

With this new information, Epic Game may be able to finally get to the bottom of why mobile versions of Fortnite have been acting up.

The issues began when Season 8 released and worsened further with the v8.10 patch. Voice chat and other features have been temporarily deactivated or reduced during fix testing. The hunt for the source of the problems continues.

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