An Epic Games employee has teased the release of the recently-leaked Solid Gold 50v50 LTM tomorrow aswell on Reddit.

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Patch v5.30 is releasing tomorrow – Tuesday, August 28 – according to the official Fortnite twitter account. There will be no downtime.

What exactly can you expect from the update releasing at 8AM ET tomorrow? Firstly, the update is expected to bring the addition of the brand new Shockwave Grenade – a similar item to the existing Impulse Grenade, but without the fall damage part.

Think of it as the love child of the Impulse Grenade and Bouncer Pad – whether this is a good addition or not, we’ll have to try it out ourselves when the update releases tomorrow!

Epic Games announced the Shockwave Grenade a few hours prior on the Fortnite Message of the Day, however it was leaked prior to that last Thursday. 

The update will release August 28th at 8 AM EST (5 AM PST, 1 PM BST, 12PM GMT) for all platforms. There will be no downtime for maintenance or other reasons.

We could expect some more cosmetic leaks and new weapon data findings in the files from the update, so look out here for our roundup of all the leaks. If you missed the leaks from the update last week, here they are.