Fortnite ‘Bring Back Patch Notes’ petition nearing 10,000 signatures

Fortnite players are fed up with the lack of communication from Epic Games and are signing a petition to bring back the Fortnite patch notes.

(Updated) Fortnite v11.11 unofficial patch notes

Fortnite v11.11 is here. Take a look at the unofficial Fortnite patch notes to see what's changed.

Secret Fortnite patch notes: see what’s changed

The Fortnite community has found some balance changes in one of the recent updates. Nearly all guns had their reload times adjusted.

The bright side of Epic’s lack of communication in Fortnite Chapter...

Why isn't Epic releasing the Fortnite patch notes? Why hasn't the developer communicated with us? There has to be a reason and there has to be a benefit. We explore this question.

(Updated) Fortnite v11.11 unofficial patch notes: Harpoon Gun enabled

Another update, another lack of Fortnite patch notes from Epic Games. Take a look at the new Harpoon Gun and the other known changes for the Fortnite content update on November 5.

Epic removes all Fortnite patch notes from their website

Epic has been under some fire for failing to release the patch notes from Chapter 2 and beyond. Recently, they have removed all of the Fortnite patch notes from their website.

Epic adds much-requested fishing rod update to Fortnite

Epic has changed the fishing rod in response to user feedback, allowing players to fish for items on the ground.

Community-created Fortnite patch notes show all changes in Fortnite Chapter 2

The Fortnite community has been disappointed to see that Epic hasn't released patch notes for any update following Fortnite Chapter 2. One...

Epic quietly removed this much-loved Fortnite mechanic

Epic introduced the coin flip mechanic to Fortnite Season X that made wall-taking fairer. They have removed it with Fortnite Chapter 2, and the community is unhappy.

Fortnite Storm King nerfed in response to community complaints

The Storm King LTM is something completely new to Fortnite Battle Royale. Fans have been complaining that it's too difficult, which has pushed Epic to nerf the boss.