What to expect from Fortnite v11.40

The New Fortnite v11.40 update is likely dropping tomorrow. Here's what to expect in the patch notes.

The snow in Fortnite is beginning to melt

It may only be January in the real world, but it's already warming up on the Fortnite map.

Fortnite v11.31 Update unofficial patch notes

The holiday season is officially here, and Epic Games are ringing in the Christmas period with what is expected to be the...

Fortnite v11.31 announced: what to expect

Epic has announced Fortnite v11.31 downtime. Here's what to expect from the content update.

‘Zone Wars’ LTM to return for Fortnite Chapter 2

New Fortnite leaks suggest that Zone Wars will be coming back for Chapter 2 - sooner rather than later.

Fortnite v11.30 patch notes – Snow map, Shiver Inn, new weapons...

Epic Games have finally pushed out their v11.30 update for Fortnite Battle Royale and for the first time since Chapter 2 was...

Fortnite v11.30 update: what to expect

Due to the postponement of the OCE and ASIA Cash Cup, the Fortnite v11.30 patch will likely drop tomorrow. Here's what to expect.

Fortnite v11.21 unofficial patch notes

Fortnite v11.21 is here, bringing us several bug fixes. This isn't the Fortnite holiday update, but here are the unofficial patch notes and everything we know so far.

Fortnite holiday update: what to expect

According to the postponement of a Cash Cup, it looks like we should be getting a Fortnite holiday update on December 4.

One player shows how rare shields have become in Fortnite

Most players think that Epic has reduced the number of shields in Fortnite. This clip comes close to proving the theory true.