Fortnite fans love extending Epic’s cosmetic skin sets, like this concept inspired after the Durr Burger onesie.

The Durr Burger onesie was introduced into Fortnite at the beginning of Season 7 as a reward within the Battle Pass.

Epic Games took steps even further by offering an actual Durr Burger Onesie within the Retail Row merchandise store, and it sold out!

Redditor Winchella¬†decided to follow in Epic’s footsteps by creating a concept of a llama pinata onesie, pickaxe, and pet back bling.

The description for Pinata Party concept reads “Show Loot Llama some love with the Pinata Party Onesie, Confetti Pickaxe, and Lil’ Llama Pet.”

IMG: Winchella

The onesie skin creation, named “Pinata Party” has a purple hood with big silly eyes on the top like the Durr Burger onesie and is covered in purple, blue, and teal confetti.

Layered with the same colored confetti and topped by a golden llama, the Confetti Pickaxe¬†concept would surely capture player’s attention as confetti would fly off the tool while harvesting materials!

One of the best parts about this cosmetic set concept is the pet, Lil’ Llama, who interacts with the world of Fortnite just like the other pets!

Lil’ Llama would be the best battle companion as he would bounce around, communicate, and give an adorable evil eye to enemies!

If the Pinata Party set was to be added by Epic Games, would you purchase it?