This week, we saw the first true update of Chapter 2. v11.10 came with no Fortnite patch notes. Is this the future for Fortnite updates or is something else going on?

Fortnite v11.10 is live. This is the first true update of Chapter 2 and brought us the Fortnitemares 2019 event with a new LTM, Pumpkin Launchers, and a few subtle map changes.


One glaring thing is missing from this update, though: patch notes. Most players assumed that this would be the first time we saw Fortnite patch notes with the new season. Alas, we haven’t seen anything.

Epic did give us an update with a link to their Trello board so we can look at the bug fixes they addressed. We haven’t seen any balance changes, map updates, or anything else since Epic released Chapter 2.

Why? Why haven’t we seen any patch notes?

Community Reaction

The competitive community is furious over the lack of patch notes this season. Is Epic really protecting themselves from criticism by doing this?

My guess is that this isn’t the whole story. Epic must hear the cries of the community, asking for patch notes. The backlash they’ll get from a balance change is nothing compared to what they’ve been getting for keeping the patch notes hidden.

What’s more, we haven’t even witnessed a true balance update in Fortnite Chapter 2 (that we know of). A large percentage of the competitive community would revolt if Epic made a massive change without giving us any information. They would look at a positive change in a negative light and would explode if something controversial happened.

Credit: Epic Games

What if Epic hasn’t released patch notes because they haven’t changed anything? What if they don’t plan on changing much this season?

The community has repeatedly asked Epic to stop updating the game and focus on fixing the bugs. Are they finally listening?

Unfortunately, the lack of response from Epic leaves us wondering about their true motivations.

We saw a leaked weapon in the Harpoon Gun, which will likely come to the game next week. Will we finally see patch notes or simply an update detailing the new weapon? I’m guessing the latter.

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