Fortnite Arena Duos is live and Winter Royale 2019 dates

The long-awaited time is here: Fortnite Arena Duos is back. Take a look at this and additional scheduling information for the Winter Royale 2019.

Fortnite coach responds to Mongraal stream sniping allegations

A few weeks ago, we saw allegations arise that Mongraal and his squad used their coach, DestinysJesus, to stream snipe for them. The FaZe coach has responded.

What will the Game Awards 2019 Fortnite special announcement be?

Epic Games will be making a splash at the 2019 Game Awards with a special announcement. What could it be?

Star Wars cosmetics we want to see in Fortnite

Star Wars X Fortnite 2 is coming. Here are the cosmetics we hope to see accompany the crossover.

Ninja talks FNCS and his competitive Fortnite future

Ninja posted a video to social media discussing his FNCS Grand Finals placement and his future plans for competitive Fortnite.

Bugha killed by bizarre bug during the FNCS Finals

Reigning Fortnite World Cup Solo champion Bugha was no match for a Zipline bug which took his life in the Fortnite Champion Series Finals.

Dakotaz discovers strangest ever Fortnite building glitch

Popular Fortnite streamer Brett ‘dakotaz’ Hoffman stumbled across a bizarre building glitch which left a player floating in mid-air.

Fortnite Risky Reels construction reset ahead of Star Wars screening

It looked like the stage was set for a major change at Risky Reels, but all of that work has now been...

FNCS Grand Finals Chapter 2: How to watch and results

The finals of the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) in Chapter 2 are almost over, with the finalists from seven regions competing for...

Exclusive Star Wars event announced for Fortnite at Risky Reels

With the new Star Wars movie, the Rise of Skywalker, set to release later in December, Fortnite have teamed up to promote...