Epic Games’ fast patching schedule leads to balancing problems from time to time, but the studio looks to have delivered a massive success with latest update. Fortnite Youtubers, pro players, and streamers expressed their happiness via social media.

Fortnite’s quick updates are a double-edged game development sword. On one hand, mistakes at a more frequent interval than other games. On the other, successful patches deliver swift fixes and amazing content updates for players.

In the v9.30 Content Update #1, Epic has unvaulted the Pump Shotgun & Suppressed SMG, released a revised Revolver, and patched several weapons’ stats.

The community’s overall response has been exceedingly positive with praise pouring in from casual, competitive, and professional members. It’s been some time since such overwhelming support has been seen for a content update.

Ninja, Liquid Chap, and others love the v9.30 Content Update

If there’s a single phrase to sum up the community’s excitement over this Content Update, it’s “Let’s ****ing go!” The applause for Epic’s latest patch has been essentially universal due to a genuinely extraordinary patch.

Ninja weighed in on the patch as part of his daily stream tweet. The Fortnite ultra-star can’t wait to get his hands-on more of the patch. He specically praises the ingenious idea to unvault weapons for single day during the event.

TSM Myth also wanted to show his support for Fortnite’s course correction. Many of the changes point to Epic’s want to promote player skill over lucky plays or fluky mechanics. This surely excites any competitive player.

Liquid Chap & Poach generally keep a firm tone against Epic’s patches to the game. Their comments serve as a testament to the update’s success. We tend to agree with their assessment that it’s truly surprising to see an update of such caliber these days.

The reactions continued with Hogman posting in disbelief as he read the patch notes. Rifts gone, pumps back, shockwaves return…there’s a whole lot to love. The good vibes are a nice change of pace from the typical (justified) doom and gloom.

NRG’s benjyfishy kept it nice and simple with four quick words to describe the patch. To be honest, the patch speaks for itself. Nothing much is needed to be said.

Ghost Issa, Kamo’s duo partner, also listed some of the patch’s main features. The pro couldn’t contain his joy and added a rallying cry that we’ve repeated throughout Twitter and Reddit.

Anyway, we think you get the point. The latest Fortnite content update resoundingly succeeds in delivering a better meta for casual and competitive players. With essential weapons unvaulted and annoying gimmicks deleted from the game, we may finally see the tide turn for Fortnite.

Could Epic Games finally be realizing the damage they’ve done to their brand through ‘noob-friendly’ additions? We certainly hope so and would love to see influencers this happy everyday. More of the same please, Epic Games!

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