Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers wrapped up and were followed by some controversy.

Two players who competed in the World Cup, and one who actually qualified, were accused of cheating after the event.

Johnny TK was a player for Team Kaliber who was accused by the person who sold him a cheat. He was quickly dropped from TK after the allegations were made public.

Dubs FN took it a step further as he actually qualified for the World Cup. Another cheat dealer named AspectDolphin accused Dubs of buying cheats and shared discord messages between who he alleges is Dubs and himself.

Dubs has denied these accusations and no formal action has been taken against him. As you can see in the below report, only one account was banned for using cheating software, and they only lasted five minutes so that account could not have been Dubs.

Epic also included a passage that Dubs felt was aimed at his situation which he retweeted on his account.

These two situations were not isolated incidents. Epic Games has just released a new “Competitive Game Integrity” report. That report details all the people who were suspended for various reasons over the first weekend.

From the report:

  • 1163 accounts were banned from competitive play for 14 days for circumventing region locks and playing in multiple regions through the course of the tournament.
    • This includes 196 prize winners who will have their prizes forfeited for playing in multiple regions.
      • Disqualified players forfeiting their winnings will result in the tournament results shifting for prize considerations, but won’t currently be reflected on the in-game leaderboard.
  • 48 accounts were banned for account sharing for seven days.
    • This includes nine prize winners who will have their prizes forfeited for sharing accounts.
  • Eight accounts were banned for teaming.
    • One winner will forfeit prizes for teaming.
  • One account was banned permanently from Fortnite for using cheat software during the Semi Finals.
    • This account played for less than five minutes in the tournament before being banned.
  • One account was given a 72 hour competitive ban for intentionally disconnecting to avoid giving points to another competitor.
    • This is currently a manual process based off of user reports, but we will be detecting this more widely in the future.

In addition to these punishments, Epic also said that they are ramping up their teaming detection system. Previously a manual system, Epic says they have developed an algorithm that will help detect teaming and make them better equipped to punish people for it.

They also placed a call to action for people to report others who they suspect are cheating. Epic will then enter a formal investigation using in game replays.

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