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There have been some incredible and mind blowing in-game events in Fortnite Battle Royale, and here are our picks for the top five. 

Fortnite Battle Royale has brought an extensive amount of new trends to the world of gaming. Key among these are the in-game events put on by Epic Games for its massive playerbase.

Starting as early as Season 3, Epic Games introduced these events as a way to mark the start of something new in the game’s map and lore, and they’ve progressively gotten more and more complex and intricate as the seasons have rolled by.

5. Ice Storm Event

The Ice Storm event transpired Season 7, and saw the mysterious ice sphere floating above Polar Peak ultimately burst open to reveal the indestructible Ice King.

Using his powers over ice and snow, the Ice King spread a fine white coating of snow across all of Fortnite! The event brought an all-new perspective as players fought on a newly recolored map.

Unfortunately, the event did have some downsides. Epic covered the map with a snowy mist that made long range fighting impossible and the Ice King spawned annoying zombie creatures that distracted from player to player fights.

4. Volcano Eruption + Nexus ‘Unvaulting’ Event

The most recent of in-game events saw the massive volcano on the map erupt and destroy two iconic locations on the map – Tilted Towers and Retail Row – and that was only the beginning of the event.

Afterwards, players were allowed to vote on a weapon or item to be brought back from the Vault. Epic gave players six fateful choices and the Drum Gun won out amongst the playerbase.

3. “Butterfly” Event

At the end of Season 6, the mysterious Kevin the Cube settled into Loot Lake and began to ooze its contents into the lake’s water. This eventually turned the lake purple.

After the Cube was depleted, it began to spin and emit white light, eventually exploding and transporting players into a mysterious, never-before-seen place where everyone was floating and came in contact with glass butterflies, hence the name.

Following the short event, players were teleported back to the regular map and given a glimpse of the brand new Leaky Lake location that replaced the old Loot Lake.

2. Rocket Launch

Probably the most anticipated event in the Fortnite’s history, the Rocket Launch certainly earns its high placement on our list.

After being hyped up and teased over the course of several days, the massive Rocket found near Snobby Shores was finally activated by the ‘Visitor’ and launched straight up into the sky, cracking open a gateway to another reality.

This event began a snowballing storyline for the Fortnite’s following seasons, as differing locations began to disappear and the crack-in-the-sky produced Kevin the Cube.

Unfortunately, due to weapon fire being allowed, players could ruin the experience for others. For this reason, many players ended up not being able to witness the event. One player even managed to set the world record for eliminations during the event.

1. Marshmello Concert

It would be hard to argue against the Marshmello Concert being the top ranked in-game event so far. The event drew in millions of players and raked in cash for the company unlike any other event through skin sales.

As part of the event, the famous DJ was added into the game as a skin. Once there, he hosted a massive concert in Pleasant Park for players to enjoy free of charge.

According to reports, 10.7 million concurrent players were present at the concert across the world, which is by-far the biggest day Fortnite BR has had to this day.

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