Players have noticed a shift at the Grotto, pointing to the idea that our Ghost vs. Shadow choices have an impact on the Fortnite map.

Most Fortnite players mapped out every Battle Pass choice when Season 2 first released. We went down the lines of all the skins and decided whether we’d choose the Ghost or Shadow variant.


This forced choice is the first time Epic has introduced such a mechanic. It’s cool to see something like this come into the game, but most of us assumed that this was where it ended.

Via: SquattingDog

A closer look at the Fortnite map, following the v12.10 update, revealed that one of the new areas has changed. All of the major POIs were, originally, Ghost bases. Shadow was pushed underground at the unnamed safehouses.

Now, however, The Grotto has changed. There’s a skull sitting on the edge of the mountain and all of the henchmen are wearing Shadow outfits.

Most players – at least on social media – leaned toward the Shadow variant of the Brutus skin. In fact, most players seem to be planning on unlocking all of the Shadow skins.

Brutus is the boss of the Grotto. If the bulk of fans chose the Shadow variant, then it appears as though our collective decision changed the map. The Grotto is now under Shadow’s control. Majority rules.

These choices have more than just a cosmetic change, as u/emfminefan notes on Reddit. It also determines which weapons spawn at each location.

The Ghost organization is about stealth – using Suppressed ARs and SMGs. Shadow, on the other hand, is more about power. Heavy Snipers, Rapid-Fire SMGs, and Miniguns spawn at Shadow-controlled locations.

All of this may have something to do with the upcoming Faction War that we saw leaked, but nothing is certain. For now, all we know is that we may be controlling the takeover of Shadow.

It appears as though Shadow is going to win-out if this is the case. Most of the Shadow variants seem more popular than their Ghost counterparts. The result? More Miniguns and Heavy Snipers everywhere on the Fortnite map.

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