Weekly Challenges have been a mainstay in Fortnite for well over a year, but why did Epic decide to get rid of them in Season X?

Every Fortnite account or site has mentioned the word ‘challenges’ at least a million times in the last few years. That’ll no longer be the case going forward as ‘missions’ have replaced the typical challenge system.

Epic Games hasn’t released any official reasoning behind the change, but the general structure remains somewhat the same with a few major differences. If you are a fully free-to-play player, you might not be happy with the changes.

Why remove Weekly Challenges in Season X?

New Missions screen in Season X

Alright, let’s get something straight about the new mission system in Fortnite. These missions do still release weekly in a similar format to the challenges. Some aspects have changed, but you’ll still be getting weekly help in completing your Battle Pass via these missions.

But, key features of weekly challenges are now gone. The most important among these is free challenges and how they work in Season X. Instead of granting three free challenges & four paid BP challenges, most Battle Pass mission sets appear to be locked completely behind paying for the pass.

At this time, we’re unsure whether or not the weekly releases will be part of the ‘limited time’ missions. If not, this means that free-to-play players will have a very hard time completing their Battle Pass. The rewards for the free pass end at Tier 62.

Missions or Challenges, which is better?

Now that we have a new system, we have to ask ourselves which implementation we prefer more.

We believe that the missions are the better route for Fortnite in the long run. Epic, we think, wants to give players clear progression routes each week to rewards in addition to the Battle Pass. It feels more satisfying to progress through a series of missions than just picking away at Battle Stars.

Additionally, the Prestige missions are a great addition and much needed. Fortnite’s challenges have always been purposefully easy to complete so that everyone gets a chance at Tier 100. Prestige missions unlock harder versions for those players that breeze past everything without batting an eye.

Weekly challenges had become fairly single-faceted and a reboot of sorts was required.

We would, however, like to see more options for free-to-play players to complete their Battle Pass. We know Epic wants to sell the maximum amount of passes possible, but some individuals simply can’t afford the Battle Pass.

What do you think of the new missions over the old weekly challenges? Tell us your initial impressions in the comments below or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.