Fortnite players have found the original Jonesy concept designs and they look very different from the default we know and love.

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic introduced a few new default characters to the roster. We’ve now seen several default skins come through Fortnite, but one shines above the rest: Jonesy. Jonesy is the true default skin, which is why he stuck around for the new chapter.

The design of Jonesy is perfect. He looks naive and innocent, but not too cartoony. The Jonesy design theme seems to be the baseline for the rest of the Fortnite characters, which sets the stage for the game itself.

Jonesy didn’t always look this way, though. The design team went through several iterations, as you can see from u/Lui_Does_Stuff‘s post to the r/FortniteBR subreddit.

We have cartoon Jonesy, intense Jonesy, battle-hardened Jonesy, and round-face Jonesy. None of these are particularly funny, but wait until we get to the next list of designs.

Data miner @Hypex also posted the concepts to Twitter, but his had a few more models. It’s unclear if all of these are legitimate or not, but some of them are downright hilarious.

The two on the bottom-right are a bit suspicious since they don’t look anything like the other Jonesy designs we’ve seen. It’s possible that Epic was looking in a different direction, though.

The real winner of this lineup is the character model at the bottom. This is how Jonesy would have looked if Epic decided to nerf his jawline into the ground.

Is any of Fortnite’s success tied to how they designed their default characters? It’s possible. We sit at the perfect intersection between cartoony and realistic. Kids and adults can enjoy the game together, which is a huge part of the reason Fortnite is so massive.

What’s your go-to default skin? Let us know in the comments.

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