OpTic Hitch is teaming up with Scuf Gaming and Checkmate Gaming to form one of the first ever open Fortnite tournaments, with a prize of $10,000.

Davis Edwards, also known as “Hitch”, has announced the formation of an upcoming 2v2 PS4 Fortnite tournament – where duos will compete for a grand prize of $10,000 USD.

Edwards broke the announcement, in partnership with Scuf and CheckMate, through his social medias – describing it as a “16 team, double elimination, kill race style tournament for $10,000 this saturday that” anyone can enter.

According to Hitch, one half of the bracket is 8 pre-invited professional Fortnite teams to bring big names to the tournament, and the other side of the bracket is 8 teams who win the qualifiers.

There are 8 qualifiers, and anyone can enter in their team of 2. If you qualify, you will be entered onto the bracket for Saturday’s tournament.

Titled the “Fortnite Showdown Invitational”, it is the first ever open Fortnite tournament and is exclusive to PlayStation 4 gamers only, for now.

To register for the tournament, you can go to CheckMate Gaming and fill in your details. The following image showcases the qualifying dates.

If you qualify, you actually receive $150 – isn’t that cool? Unfortunately, the tournament is only open to those on PlayStation 4, but hopefully others open up for every platform shortly.

The 8 teams that form one half of the bracket are as follows, courtesy of Dexerto:

  • BigTymeR & Flamesword
  • LEGIQN & TheMLGImpulse
  • Attach & Asim
  • BlakeCBissel & JorgeNotGeorge
  • LosPollosTV & FEMALEDOGS
  • Ayden & NioRooch
  • Destroy_215 & jjay_215
  • FaZe Swan & Spoooderr

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