The two remaining players on OpTic Gaming’s Fortnite roster have been released, which means that the North American organization is out of the competitive scene – for now.

OpTic Gaming has now walked away from a second battle royale game by releasing their remaining Fortnite players, Kenneth ‘Baldy’ Anderson and Stephen ‘Gunfly’ Brown.

Gunfly and Baldy were not able to reach the level that they wanted to achieve while with OpTic with only placing 50th at the Fall Skirmish and 38th at WSOE 3.

On January 12, both posted on Twitter about their departure from OpTic and are looking for new organizations.

Within a post on the OpTic Gaming subreddit, the esports director at Infinite Esports, Kodiak, commented on how the situation came to fruition that lead to the organization leaving Fortnite.

“We were approached by Kenneth (Baldy) and Stephen (Gunfly) and they made it clear to us they wanted to play with other duo partners. Being that we feel strongly about any competitive Fortnite players for OpTic playing as the same duo, we didn’t think it was fair to punish them or stand in the way of what they felt was best for their own success. Essentially giving them the option of staying as one duo or parting ways.

They decided to part ways, and we released them from their contracts on good terms all around. We really do wish them nothing but success and are thankful for their maturity and understanding.”

Kodiak commented on OpTic Gaming’s future in Fortnite by saying “as for OpTic in competitive Fortnite, we will continue to keep a watch on the scene and rising talent, but for the time being will not have players rostered on a competitive team.”

2019 is lining up to be a huge year for Fortnite esports, as the Fortnite World Cup is set to kick off along with a new in-game tournament system arriving.

OpTic Gaming has never been able to find the success that other organizations have in Fortnite like Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and Team SoloMid, however, we hope to see them back in the scene soon!