People who have played Call of Duty have probably tried the mode “One in the Chamber,” this LTM concept would bring it to Fortnite.

The basic rules are simple. You get one shot and one shot only. Unless you connect and get the kill, in which case your ammo refills back to one.

The game is scored like a team deathmatch as a player must respawn after being taken down.

This concept was created and posted by BushWookie321123 who received a lot of positive support for it.

One In The Chamber Concept from r/FortNiteBR

They laid out some solid rules to use as a starting point but the concept does need a little bit more refining.

For starters, it feels like playing to 50 is probably a bit too much considering you can actually defend yourself with walls in Fortnite unlike in Call of Duty. I guess it does depend on how big the lobbies, are the more people playing the higher the score should be.

Also, it would be great if pickaxes did more damage. In CoD you can knife people for instant kills but a pickaxe is almost never going to get there, even if the players only have 50 health.

One thing I do love is the smaller zone. I still have this feeling that the best form of Fortnite esports is a contained 4v4 in a much smaller zone.

It’s not a BR, but BR’s may just be flawed esports. I would watch the hell out of an esport that combined aspects of CoD and CS:GO with Fortnite’s building.

Just think of it, easy to follow the action, complex strategy, way less server load, more focus on the people playing, in my mind, it’s fantastic.

This concept may be a showcase for how a smaller map and contained game can help Fortnite to flourish.

In the comments, multiple people said they would build this in Creative but unfortunately that isn’t possible as there is no way to have ammo be awarded with a kill.

That may come in a future update, but for now, this is just a concept.

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