Update: It appears that the hacker has been effectively locked out of the Fortnite Twitter account for now. We’ve got the screenshots of the events saved down below. Epic Games has yet to comment on the situation.

Well, it appears that the hate for Epic Games’ recent decisions has led to some individual taking inappropriate measures against the official Fortnite Twitter account.

On Wednesday, April 3, the official Fortnite Twitter got hacked by a disgruntled member of the community. Epic Games has not released a statement yet about the situation.

The account started to tweet out…interesting messages following the announcement for changes to competitive Fortnite. The hack seems to be in response also to the controversial v8.20 Fortnite patch. In short, this is a complete and utter disaster for Epic Games.

Here’s the first tweet from the disaster for Epic Games:


Epic Game started to quickly and frantically delete the tweets as they flew up, but the hacker even got to shout himself out before they were closed out from the account. Truly mindblowing stuff!

A secondary account of the hacker – via Twitter

The hack continued with tweets about reverting the patch, using creator codes of the hacker, and other non-sensical tweets.

#Revert820 – via Twitter

It appears the hacker’s real identity is @feared and is a player of Call of Duty on the Gamebattles website. Epic Games is sure to take legal action against the hacker. We’ll update the story continuously as more comes out about this debacle.

The tweets continued to pour out from the hacked account with everything from haircuts, to the proclaimed best players, and pretty everything else. Take a look!

The hacker certainly knows the community’s favorites
Wyatt is apparently quite cute

Feared, by no coincidence, a stretched res player. Epic Game announced earlier today that they will restricting usage of stretched res right before the Fortnite World Cup.

While we do not condone such illegal actions in any way, the reason behind the hacks seems to be fairly logical. The stretched res change will severely degrade the performance for pros at the World Cup and the timing was ridiculous.

That said, we do not think Epic Game will cave into the community’s requests now as it would mean giving the hacker what they wanted.

According to leaker @lucas7yoshi, the hack might have been possible through Tweetdeck. A popular app/site used by many companies to tweet out content from several accounts.

Someone at Epic is about to get fired or at least get a very stern course of internet security. This should not be happening at a multi-billion dollar company.

This day has certainly turned out to be an exciting one to say the least. The hacker seems to have been locked out the account now, but we’ll continue to update the story as Epic Games speaks out about this incident.

Twitter has yet to take down either of the hacker’s own accounts. The tweets sent by the hacker have actually garnered a lot of popular support, but we must remember that even if we agree with the reasons for hacking…it is still a serious crime and cannot be condoned.

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