We now have the first look at the upcoming Fortnite Liferun game mode.

Last week, we saw Fortnite leaks surrounding an upcoming Creative Mode game type called ‘Liferun.’ We didn’t have too many details apart from the name and a few promotional photos.


According to data miner ShiinaBR, we would be playing “as a Red Cross worker racing to save the lives of characters in 4 different missions.”

We also heard that Epic would be announcing and showcasing this new mode on January 19 at PAX South. Today, January 17, we got our first official look at the Liferun game mode.

YouTuber and Fortnite Creator BluDrive – who worked on the Liferun game – posted the official release trailer for Liferun. The description reads, “In Liferun we flipped Fortnite upside down. Instead of taking lives, your objective is to save lives. Become an ICRC hero as you’re sent around the world on missions to save the day!”

We now also know that Liferun will premier at 10am CST on January 19. The first streamers to showcase the mode will be Dr Lupo, Lachlan, and One Shot Gurl.

Fortnite has partnered with the Red Cross for the Liferun mode, so there will likely be some sort of charitable giving attached. Lachlan recently completed a charity stream for the Australian wildfires and Dr Lupo raised over $3.5 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2019.

It’s unclear if the maps will go live when during PAX South or if we’ll have to wait. Either way, it’s exciting to see another new game mode coming to Fortnite – this time for a good cause.

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