Ninja and Reverse2k blasted through the Duo win record and went on to pad their lead. With skill-based matchmaking coming to all game modes soon, the door may be closing on any potential competition.

Ninja just keeps breaking records. He owns the record for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch, was in the running with HighDistortion for the first Fortnite player to 100,000 kills, and is now one half of the duo team with the longest win streak in Fortnite history.

The road to 43 wins took hours, dedication, and a lot of sweat from Ninja and Reverse2k. The duo didn’t stop there, though. They went on to win another eight games to pad their lead after finally hitting the world record of 43 wins.

At one time, Ninja was considered the best player in Fortnite. He’s since been surpassed by a plethora of cracked teenagers, but he never stopped grinding. It’s impressive to see a streamer as popular as Ninja dedicate himself to the competitive side of things. Ninja clearly has the competitive gene. It doesn’t matter how successful of a content creator he is – he wants to compete.

Sadly, the duo lost their win streak after 51 games – rather unceremoniously. Reverse went down, and Ninja died to someone with one kill. They were simply overwhelmed. “I can’t believe it ended like that,” Ninja said when he died.

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Ninja was kicking himself after the loss. He was one shot away from staying alive, with a Slurp and two campfires in his inventory.

The duo has officially set the bar at 51 wins – something that will likely never be broken. We’re only a few days away from the expansion of skill-based matchmaking. It’s only in Solos right now, with a presumed expansion into Duos coming next.

Beating the World Record is going to be a nearly impossible feat When SBMM comes to Duos. Solos have already become substantially harder with the new matchmaking system, and it’s difficult to imagine that anyone is going to reach 51 consecutive wins when they’re matched based on their skill.

Credit: Epic Games

Anyone who is good enough to go for the record will be met with players of similar skill. Ninja and Reverse were undoubtedly helped by some easy lobbies, which won’t be the case in the future.

You can’t run through public lobbies in Solos anymore. I constantly encounter players who tunnel, box up, and have quick edits – and I’m just an above-average console player. I can hardly imagine what pro-level SBMM is going to look like in Duos.

Ninja now has another Fortnite accolade to hang on his mantle. It’s nearly impossible anyone will ever be able to come for that record again. Congratulations.

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