Tyler Blevins, the current leading live streamer on platform Twitch, is sick of his viewers trolling and calling Fortnite – a game that has taken over the world – “dead.”

Ninja, whose name is Tyler Blevins, is currently leading the Twitch platform with his 11 million followers. Recently during a stream, the trolling in the chatbox was way too much for Blevins to handle – and as a result, he instructed his chat moderators to ban anyone who said the phrase.

Anyone who says “Fortnite is dead” or any other phrase along the lines will now receive a permanent ban on Ninja’s twitch channel. They can still watch his content, but cannot type in chat unless they use another account.

“Hey mods, from now on we’ll full blown ban anyone that says that Fortnite is dead.” the streamer calmly told his moderators on the stream.

“Little kids spreading toxicity because they think it’s the cool thing to do, and we put it in emote mode for a little bit.”

The streamer then also proceeded to rant about the viewers who were yelling “Fortnite is dead” in his chat. He seemed to get angrier about the topic.

“If you wanna stop playing Fortnite man, because you’re not having fun with it anymore – good. Go watch someone else, go play another game, don’t spread that toxicity and your negative opinion in my chat, dude, because guess what? I’m enjoying the game. There hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t enjoyed the game.”

Ninja also pointed out how Epic Games announced that the game had hit its highest ever amount of players in August, which we reported on – citing that it was Fortnite’s “biggest month yet.”


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