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Ninja’s interesting idea to balance Heavy Snipers and Miniguns

Miniguns and Heavy Snipers can be a menace in competitive Fortnite. Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has an idea on how to fix them.



Miniguns and Heavy Snipers can be a menace in competitive Fortnite. Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has an idea on how to fix them.

Competitive Fortnite and regular Fortnite are two different animals. There’s a long history of items being fine for public Fortnite matches and completely overpowered in competitive.

The Baller was a perfect example of this. In public matches, it provided a safe and useful mobility tool; not much else. In competitive matches, you had multiple players camping in ballers until the final storm circle.

Epic recently began acknowledging the competitive and casual differences. They held off on putting Launch Pads and Helicopters into competitive modes and nerfed C4 so that you can only find one at a time.

Competitive players have been asking for separate loot pools for a long time, and Epic are finally starting to come around. There are still two massive killers in Arena Mode, however: Heavy Snipers and Miniguns.

In the current duo FNCS meta, most players are carrying two Heavy Snipers and one Minigun. You can easily double-heavy a wall or spray until your opponents can’t do anything to protect themselves.

Several players have called for the removal of these weapons – at least from competitive. Ninja has an idea that could help to balance the weapons and keep them in all modes.

“Making the minigun … and the heavy sniper taking up two slots would be a pretty healthy balance,” Ninja wrote on Twitter. “Having a player Minigun your builds till he hits you a couple times then heavy snipe into your box is not very fun or balanced. Just a thought, what u think?”

Ninja isn’t the first person to suggest such a change to the Heavy Sniper but included the Minigun in here as well. In fact, the idea could extend to mythic weapons.

The addition of the Bandage Cannon was a game-changer for two-slot weapons. If the Heavy Sniper took up two slots, you’d have to sacrifice more to grab one. It would still be worth it, for most players.

Even if this suggestion is only applied to the Heavy Sniper, it would limit the number of spray weapons in the game. Either that or players would opt to carry another weapon, instead. Two teammates carrying a Heavy Sniper means two slots that could have been healing items.

It might be more work, but Epic could exclusively make this change in competitive modes if they wanted to. Public Fortnite modes could stay the way they are since they shouldn’t be taken as seriously.

Heavy Snipers are becoming incredibly common in Fortnite. You can find them at all of the Shadow outposts, The Grotto, and now The Rig. They may even be available at The Yach when Deadpool takes control.

Either way, Epic need to continue to balance competitive and casual Fortnite playlists, separately. Some items are just too powerful when everyone is trying their hardest to secure a win.


Epic Games & Loserfruit postpone her Fortnite Icon Series skin

Streamer, Loserfruit, has announced that she and Epic have decided to postpone the release of her Icon Series Fortnite skin.



The entire world is reeling in the wake of the protests and demonstrations surrounding the murder of George Floyd. There are, certainly, more important things going on than Fortnite, but that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Many fans are speculating that Epic will add a further delay to Season 3, following the announced delays of the PS5 new Call of Duty Season. Epic have yet to speak out on this topic, so we should expect the event to take place on June 6 until we hear otherwise.

One thing that has been delayed is the newest addition to the Fortnite Icon Series. Leaks pointed to a Loserfruit skin hitting the Item Shop this week. The streamer even posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story, signaling that the skin would be released on June 3.

Loserfruit logged onto her stream on June 3 and to update her fans and explain why her Icon Series skin wouldn’t be in the shop. “Me and Epic decided it wasn’t the right time to release the skin, this week,” she said.

“I think you guys know from leaks,” the streamer chuckled, “that it was meant to come out on the third. So we decided to wait.”

The delay is an understandable one for several reasons. Getting your own skin in a video game is a big deal, and Loserfruit would undoubtedly feel guilty for celebrating her accomplishments in a time like this. As we said, there are far more important things happening than anything related to Fortnite.

We can expect to see the skin hit the Item Shop within the next couple of weeks. We still have no news on whether or not Season 3 will be released as planned. We’ll keep you updated on all of these topics as more information comes out.

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Bizarre Fortnite bug causes an infinite no-storm game

This Fortnite player experienced an infinite game due to a new and rare glitch.



Fortnite Storm

There have always been – and always will be – bugs in Fortnite. There will be bugs in every game, but they can be more frustrating in competitive ones. Some bugs are fun and good for a laugh, while others make you want to Summit your monitor.

This bug falls in between these categories – equally annoying and intriguing. One Fortnite player experienced a new and rare bug that caused the storm to stay away from the island. He reportedly played for an hour, clearing out the lobby and searching for the last person, before calling it quits and letting a bush-camper win.

Via: u/woofblah

This bizarre glitch was likely caused by Midas’ tinkering with the storm. The storm circles have been strange since the last Fortnite update – mirroring those of Warzone before shrinking to a smaller, more familiar circle.

Theories have it that this is the work of Midas, who is trying to prevent or otherwise mess with the storm ahead of the Doomsday Event.

In this match, u/woofblah spent his time collecting all of the mythic weapons he could carry. He also traveled a reported 28km searching for his final target before eliminating himself and seeing a bush camper in the corner of the map.

Via: u/woofblah

This is the first time that we’ve seen such a glitch, so it has to be rare. Again, it’s likely that the bug was triggered by the updated storm.

Let us know if this issue becomes more widespread. In a game like this, it becomes a war of attrition. How bad do you want the win? More than the kid in the bush? Probably not.

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Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals more details about the flood

New Fortnite Season 3 leaks promise a progressively lower water level over the course of the season.



The internet was buzzing, yesterday, when the PlayStation store accidentally released a promotional image for Fortnite Season 3. We can give them the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t prepared for a last-minute extension, but they would still have been early by two days early.

The leaked image was small but it was enough to virtually confirm the rumors of a map-wide flood and begin some new rumors about a potential SpongeBob crossover.

YouTuber, Tabor Hill, was the primary creator who was providing us with leaked information ahead of Season 3. His source gave him information about Party Royale, the flood, and the Season 3 Battle Pass before any of it had been released or corroborated by additional information.

He came back with a video on June 1, following the PlayStation Store’s leaked image. The video covered many of his original leaks and the theories surrounding the new image but added some additional information on top.

To those who are worried about the entire map being covered in water, Tabor Hill said, “Epic knows what they’re doing … You’re not going to be completely on water, don’t worry.” He also added another piece of information that he withheld in his original video: the water level will go down as the season progresses and “eventually return to normal.”

(3:30 for mobile viewers)

To add a bit of intrigue to the end of his video, Tabor Hill told his viewers that, “One or two new locations may reveal themselves.”

So, according to these leaks, the water level will lower over the course of the season – similar to how the snow has melted in past winter events. This makes perfect sense and we could see it happening this way.

Hopefully, however, the beginning of the season doesn’t use the current swimming mechanics that we have in the game. “SpongeBob physics” underwater would be an ideal middle-ground if the entire map is flooded, as we covered in a separate article.

All of this information will be proven true or false on June 11. We’ll keep you covered with more rumors, leaks, and more as we wait for the event and new season.

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