The iconic headband of one of Fortnite’s largest streamers is about to hit the masses.

Ninja’s headband became a core part of his stream from the earliest days of Fortnite.

Now it is his calling card as he can be instantly recognized by the Red Bull adorned band featuring his logo.

Starting tomorrow, April 30th, Ninja fans will be able to get their own Ninja headband.

The head band will be available on for a price of $21.99.

That’s pretty steep for a headband from Walmart, but the Ninja brand does carry some real value.

I would be absolutely shocked if these didn’t sell out quickly, but who knows. One thing that is certain is that the replies on the product on are absolutely hilarious.

Another official product shot from Red Bull / Walmart

Even though the product isn’t available yet, a couple of reviews have already been posted.

NinjaLover22 said: “Once I saw that this headband was available I instantly copped it. Once I received the headband I quickly tied it around my stick and reaped the benefits. I got more girls and started to play longer then 30 seconds in bed. Would 100 percent vouch for this product.”

ProGamingGamer6900 said: “Loved the headband, I’ve been a Ninja fan for so long! When I first received the headband I put it on and I felt the veins in my arms bulge my hair spiked and I started seeing a Reticle in my eye so I could automatically aim better. As I loaded up the game my voice automatically got lower, and when I looked into the reflection of my monitor, I could see my hair slowing turning into a rainbow blue color, this is going to be good.”

If this a trend for the rest of the reviews, I am excited to go take a look at this product when it actually releases and read whatever hilarious things other people come up with.

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