Many professional players and streamers have threatened to boycott the B.R.U.T.E. mech, but Ninja isn’t convinced of this strategy.

Epic Games added the B.R.U.T.E. into Season X with little regard for gameplay balancing and this has led to uproar from all facets of the community. It’s actually quite rare to see such a united front against a poor decision from the studio. As of now, Epic has promised to work on mech bugs and delivered a small nerf to Arena spawn rates.

Streamers and other influential Fortnite players have begun to call for a boycott of the BRUTE and Fortnite. While this move could work in theory, Ninja put out his two cents on the topic and he doesn’t sound very positive about the boycott.

Ninja explains why BRUTE boycott won’t work

The B.R.U.T.E. hasn’t garnered much support from the community as it completely destroys the very foundations of the game. Builds no longer matter, resources can be gathered at lightning speeds, and kills are simply a click or press away.

You would think Epic Games would begin to get scared when big names like DrLupo and Ninja just leave your game for PUBG. However, it seems that these influencers are having little effect on the developers’ decision making. In many ways, Epic has been doubling down on the B.R.U.T.E.

Ninja has seen this trend and gave his thoughts quickly on his Mixer stream.

Ninja on Epic removing our overpowered buddy from r/FortNiteBR

The “four of us” Ninja is referring to in the clip are himself, DrLupo, TimTheTatMan, and Cloak. That’s a lot of star power packed into a single lobby of streamers. If those four can’t sway the minds of Epic, then we guess nothing will.

But what does that mean for Fortnite and its community in the long run? It means that community opinions don’t matter and that Epic will simply do what it wants without giving feedback a chance to morph gameplay.

With that said, we tend to disagree with Ninja’s evaluation here. Pressure does work, but you’ve got to remain adamant in the face of all odds. In order for change to occur, you can’t simply lay down your sword at the first sign of trouble.

Game “design” at its finest

What we mean, in practical Fortnite terms, streamers must be ready to sacrifice some viewers and money. TimTheTatMan has already returned to the game just two weeks after the mech’s release.

Epic Games won’t change the B.R.U.T.E. until they start feeling the heat and that means perseverance. We understand that streamers need to listen to their own fans as well, but if they truly want the mechs gone, they need to realize that this might become a long process.

We genuinely hope that this situation gets resolved quickly. There are more important things for Epic Games to look forward to like the new Fortnite Champion Series and the possible inclusion of ‘no-build’ modes to bring in new waves of players.

What are your thoughts on how the B.R.U.T.E. mech’s power could be mitigated?

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  1. Just because they don’t want to remove ONE THING it already means that epic doesn’t care about it’s community? What the fuck is this toxic ass community?
    If they really didn’t care about their community which they don’t then i could honestly understand them.

    • It’s normally not that big of a deal if it’s another gun or plane, but the fact is this mech pretty much treats even the most seasoned players like they were newbies.

      Bugha went up against one during his first play of season 10 and he didn’t stand a chance, getting eliminated in less than a minute with just one volley of rockets.

      I used to think it wasn’t a big deal, but when the best fortnite player literally got destroyed by that thing…I was on the bandwagon.

      I don’t want to remove it, though. The least epic could do is nerf the firing rate of the rockets. Every rocket hits in one second and even a metal build doesn’t block that fast.

      • Still, they really care about their community and because they don’t want to remove the brute that doesn’t change
        Epic has done so much for us, it’s not fair to leave them just like that
        Sure the brute is not balanced at all, i get that
        But i’ve never had so much fun in fortnite since i started
        They should remove the brute from arena considering that it does disturb the competitive community, just not from the main game
        I wouldn’t have any problem with the comp community if most of them wouldn’t be complaining about everything

        • Maybe because you’re a bot that needs to use an overpowered mech in order to “enjoy” Fortnite? You keep yapping about how Fortnite has done so much for us but you’ve literally mention 0 specific examples to back up your claim. Yes, Epic would sometimes address issues that the community brought up but those issues were caused BY EPIC THEMSELVES in the first place. When you have almost the ENTIRE competitive community complaining about the same bloody thing, its time to face the fact that Epic isn’t listening to the community but rather doing whatever the fuck they deem fit (Surprise surprise, we’re the one that play that game). You can gladly suck Epic’s dick elsewhere 🙂

          • They have a case of “hero syndrome” example: an arsonist burns a house down to save the occupants inside to receive praise from the victims or witnesses.

          • The competitive community only makes up a small portion of the overall player base. To say that epic isn’t listening because the competitive community don’t get their way is just stupid. And it seems like you may have a lot of pent up anger so maybe you need to go play with your dick or something….. just chill the fuck out

  2. I know building is the point of the game, but there has to be things that counter that. They called boomboxes immediately, and I loved those. And planes too. This community is nothing but babies that cry whenever they don’t win their 20th game in a row. (And with tilted town they’re even worse)

  3. Reduce the brute life to 500, its shotgun distance, rocket damage to structures so turbo build is viable, and make stomp damage reduced so metal builds can defend against. Heck, bring the plane back that cant destroy builds by flying thru, has 350 hp, and whose turret (with crappy bloom) only does damage to people and brutes.


  4. If they don’t remove the mech and players leave, it is likely EPIC intends the mech to be related to the fortnite story or a major asset to the theme. As such, players who leave would potentially be waiting until the end of season x, until they return to fortnite.


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